[Play Raw] Thou couldst be angry and send us rain



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I did not fix the vignetting

(John) #44

Ufraw and fotoxx. :thinking: Know what I wanted to do :grin: not sure if I have.

Thanks interesting one to work on. Many are on here.



Alt take.

1. PhotoFlow β†’ HL mode (blend) β†’ AMaZE β†’ linear Rec2020 (no clipping) β†’ OCIO filmic (very low contrast) β†’ linear sRGB 32f
2. gmic β†’ crop (1.5:1) β†’ sharpen (high freq contrast) β†’ blend (Retinex) β†’ adjust brightness, contrast (curves)
3. pnmclahe β†’ enhance contrast
4. gmic β†’ local contrast, sharpen (guided) β†’ sharpen (LoG) β†’ resize (1800)

Zoom 100% and enjoy!

[Play Raw] Dealing with CP filter introduced vignetting

alt2: fun version, taking the topic title a tiny bit more seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:

5. gmic β†’ applied my fun g0 experimental filter to the sky


The view is breathtaking. I felt sick for a moment.

(Filip) #48

Original feeling is be careful and don’t drop camera (few hundred meters). Will go again to Graskop end of March.