[Play Raw] Thou couldst be angry and send us rain


(Filip) #1

Place is called God’s Window and that is somewhere in South Africa, close to Graskop.
There I find out:

  1. If you are on dirt road and antelopes and monkeys are crossing road, go back to tar road ASAP.
  2. Don’t take selfies with lions, elephants and crocodiles.
  3. Haida 95mm CP doesn’t cover Irix 15mm and likely other lenses of similar focal length.

Summer in South Africa is rain period, not great conditions for photography in rain forest. Why they calling it rain forest?
Here is quick processing in darktable, dehazing, imitate freaky details, color contrast. Need time to think how to handle corners.

Here is darktable sidecar FED_1953_01.NEF.xmp (1.5 KB)
and here is NEF https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kVdcgiJeuRxIhyJgcXBVYK2twhW7JgjA
it is CC BY-SA 4.0, enjoy

I was talking about going back to Graskop in March. Plans are changed, going right into Blyde river canyon. Why waste time on driving around? Go away you stupid six meter long lizard, don’t you see I am taking pictures? :joy::rofl::crazy_face:

(Pat David) #2

Wow, what a view! And a wonderful shot! I particularly love what’s going on right in the center of the frame, the swirling trees and land features contrasted with the swirling clouds above it right around the center 25% of the view.


Hi, Filip,

A very Q&D method is to set scale in the lens correction module to 1.053 or thereabouts.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

(Thomas) #4

Great sight! Thanks for the image.

FED_1953.NEF.xmp (9,3 KB)

(Gustavo Adolfo) #5

Thanks for sharing! Beautiful!

I tried to bring more depth to the image, by leaving haze in the background, and increasing contrast in the foreground. These edits follow after filmic compression.

EDIT: Forgot to mention: I tried to remove the vignette (just on top) with the new retouch tool (although I suspect I used the old algorithm, since I didn’t make use of wavelets)

FED_1953.NEF.xmp (16.0 KB)


FED_1953.NEF.xmp (13.3 KB)

You were logged out?
(Morgan Hardwood) #7

Use distortion correction to push them out of the frame.

(Mike Bing) #8

Used vignetting correction in DT as well as a bit of levels, curves and sharpening in Gimp and GMIC.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #9

What a vista! Attempt No. 1with RT 5.5
FED_1953-1.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)

(Gys Van Zyl) #10

Really nice one to play with. Here’s my attempt in darktable.
FED_1953.NEF.xmp (9.5 KB)

(Matthias) #11

Nice shot and great composition! With DT 2.6, I tried to remove the vignetting and the lonely cloud.

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #12

Attempt No. 2 first using RT 5.5 and then GIMP and G’MIC
FED_1953-2.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)

(Filip) #13

Looks good

(Filip) #14

Will try it

(Filip) #15

You are welcome. Interesting approach.
Will try that ‘vignetting’ approach, quite good processing including twist (no dehazing).

(Filip) #16

Thanks, will check.

(Filip) #17

Thanks. It was moment of light rain, so I can say lucky shot in rainy day. That in valley is Blyde River Nature Reserve. Place is overcrowded, right next to it is Wonder View which is kind of neglected, not overcrowded and panorama is possibility, but it was pouring when I arrived there. That would be panorama called clouds from above. Will revisit place, $20-25 day in self catering accommodation (that is price for two) and thousands of remarkable sites. Managed to visit few :sob:


@FBulovic sounds like you had fun and got to some lofty places, nice! Thanks 4 sharing it with us (also the context/story). Comrades waving a tinny FF {frogs’ flag}

I ended up with a bastard: lower half rawtherapee, upper half darktable. I self-imposed to crop it tight - then I thought I could make the joke “tightest than a nun’s asshole” … but I’ve never had the opportunity to check that popular metaphor, then I got lost in the trainwreck of thought. Sigh




(St.Stephen) #19

Beautiful! I’m curious what a “191” lens is, exactly?

FED_1953.NEF.xmp (8.7 KB)
FED_1953_01.NEF.xmp (8.7 KB)

(Filip) #20

Thank you, I used Irix 15mm f/2.4 model is called Firefly.