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I thought I’d take a stab at this. I don’t get to do any portraits, so…

Morgin_Carpenter_DSC_1922.NEF.xmp (14.8 KB)
Morgin_Carpenter_DSC_1922_01.NEF.xmp (8.7 KB)


Nice portrait. Didn’t know what to do with it. Decided to give it another go today. Came up with something I didn’t expect. It isn’t even Halloween yet.

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (blend) → lens correction → linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f
2. gmic → fill unwanted pixels → adjust contrast, brightness (curves; face) → crop → resize (copy) → vignette → WAIT—WHAT? → :scream: → make less creepy

Zoom 100% to enjoy!

To quote @MLC

Just another bad day for Finn. You know you want to click here and see.

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@afre but did you post the image? Or is this some post modern performance art? :wink:


Just hidden behind a toggle with the [details] tag. I guess not everyone would know that even though I provided a hint:

Just another bad day for Finn. You know you want to click here and see.

Unfortunately, I am not Alfred Hitchcock who is “the master of suspense”.


Okay, okay. It is a good day to smile today for Finn.

1. Same as above.
2. gmic → fill unwanted pixels → adjust contrast, brightness (curves; face) → crop → resize (copy) → vignette → WAIT—WHAT? → :scream: → make less creepy → resize → sharpen (LoG) → resize

Zoom 100% to enjoy!

Wholesome Finn: no need to hide this time! :sunny:


good that you gave the soul back to the child, it’s a big reponsabilityto hold a soul… to hold more than one it is a… sssiiiiiinnnn!!! You managed quite nice a version monsieur {hat off, 2/5 of a smile, blade to its sheath}

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Nice photo - not much to do …

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Morgin_Carpenter_DSC_1922.NEF.xmp (9.3 KB)
A new photo of the young man would be interesting. On the other hand, he might not like the idea. I wouldn’t, in his place, I think.



I’m learning to use Darktable, please find my submission.


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The only place Google finds Ashikim is this conversation. Exactly where does one find an Ashikim layer, exactly?

This is a nice image. Could publish a book on it alone. :grin:


The Ashikhmin tone mapping operator is an implementation of “A Tone Mapping Algorithm for High Contrast Images” scientific paper written by Michael Ashikhmin, Department of Computer Science, SUNY

I think I misspelled Ashikhmin or suffered an auto-correction. The algorithm is included in the Luminance HDR software.

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Thanks for the reply, HIRAM. I downloaded Luminance HDR and tried it out. There are two Mantiuk options, 06 and 08, now, and they are drastically different. 06 is a grainy, low saturation image while 08 is a much brighter, or lighter, version of the original. Wondered if you remembered what you used?

I exported the original image from dt as a 32f tif. The original image in L HDR displayed even lighter than the Mantiuk 08 image. Was that because L HDR processed it first? The original tif displayed just fine in GIMP.

Are you a professional? Knowing you wanted to boost the beta of the Fattal layer and by how much seems to be a decision only a lot of experience could produce. I am just starting to edit photos, at age 70, after buying an actual camera to take pictures on a trip.

You do nice work.


Bill Martz


Not into pro photo, my original focus in college was newspaper production editing. I tried everything from reportage to early 90’s photoshop and a lot of melted wax and blue pencils in between.


Mantiuk 06

The grainy one is much more useful to me. I usually go for Overlay mode and vary the opacity once I get it into a Gimp layer. It’s usually a bit grainy for a normal layer.

beta of the Fattal layer

This usually gives me a black point effect, with values near 1.0 giving best results. Just under 1.0 is lighter, and above 1.0 starts to clip more.

the original tif

Show some examples if you’re having any difficulties or questions about Lhdr, we can help out. Make a new topic if it’s complex and beyond this image.

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Morgin_Carpenter_DSC_1922.NEF.pp3 (11.3 KB)
Morgin_Carpenter_DSC_1922.NEF.pp3 (11.3 KB)
Most of the edit in Rawtherapee.

I did auto exposure, then lowered the exposure value to taste, added an S curve in film like mode, RL deconvolution sharpening, raising the radius until the sharpness of details was enhanced, did chroma noise reduction in LAB consevative, and subtly boosted local contrast with wavelets. Also, I tamed the magenta oversaturated skin tones with LAB A component curve that reduced the extreme saturated zones in magenta without affecting the neutrals or other colors.

I then did some highpass sharpening, masked to only effect the eyes in a pixel editor (non-FOSS Affinity Photo), but 95% of the look is from RT.