[PlayRaw] 3: Phil

I meant to post this a little sooner but got busy with some things in the last couple of weeks… :slight_smile:

Here is a contribution from @Phil_Howcroft for another PlayRaw!

He originally posted these in the first PlayRaw post for us to use:

Never Look a Police Horse In The Mouth by Phil Howcroft, on Flickr

Download the raw file here (9MB)
This file is licensed
(Creative Commons, By-Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share-Alike).

As before, feel free to use whatever software you’d like (don’t feel constrained to just raw processors).

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with and thank you again @Phil_Howcroft for providing a great image for everyone to play with!

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I was able to download an 8 bit 2256x1504 Tiff but no raw…

What are you checking it in? I’ve just re-downloaded to test and things appear to be working fine (at least in RawTherapee).

The link works fine here, it starts downloading a CR2 some 5-10 seconds after clicking.

Somehow the filename ended with .CR2.tiff, changed it and it works as a raw now.

Smart web browsers are smart.

Just had to rename it again… darn macosx finder I guess.

Started out with a Rawtherapee-generated tiff.

Then in McGimp 2.9 blended two color curves layers, one for the yellow-green fluorescent fabric and one for the rest of the image.
Flattened and blended with Freaky Details, sharpening.

Was unsatisfied with the skin color and the reddish hue on the fabric highlight, so I blended in (ie. slowly raised opacity) a Ashikhmin Eqn 4 (LuminanceHDR) color-mode layer until those issues were reduced.

Final composite:

I ended up with a magazine print sort of look. @HIRAM


Ouch - this was a difficult one. I wanted to get rid of the reflections in their eye protections as well as to put more emphasis on where the three main characters look (hence the crop)…

Apart from for cropping, I just used tools from the Nik Collection:

  • Raw Presharpener,
  • Detail Extractor (only over the horse’s eyes and the helmet, using control points),
  • Viveza 2 (to increase structure, once again using the two control points),
  • Color Efex Pro 4: Darken/Lighten Centre to make everything but the horse’s head a trifle darker, and finally a touch of the
  • Output Sharpener.

I like @phil_howcroft original b&w rendition best.

Two attempts in RawTherapee.
Phil_Howcroft_IMG_5591.CR2.pp3 (10.8 KB)


Thanks everyone for the edits on my picture
It is great to see everyone’s interpretation of the scene.
I found it a really hard edit as the high vis jackets and the grey horse meant it was difficult to get the highlights right :slight_smile:

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I think it’s a great photo on which to hone one’s processing skills in the ongoing quest of learning how to process photos effectively. It’s great because the highlights in the fluorescent greens are easily blown, and moreover the green is so rich it can all-too-easily become way over-saturated, especially once the final conversion to sRGB is made.

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Here’s mine done in Darktable and GIMP:

Those highlights really are a bitch.:grin:


Here is my effort using RawTherapee, with a touch of tone mapping, graduated filter, and some Curves.

This version as above with selective local brightness adjustment using Snapseed

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Rawtherapee + gimp for some curves, masks, and sharpening. Masking is sloppy :-/

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Here’s my take.

First, a quickly done output from Rawtherapee:

Phil_Howcroft_IMG_5591.CR2.pp3 (9.5 KB)

And after playing in Gimp:

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My take with Filmulator. I simply turned on color reconstruction, raised the drama, and lowered the white clipping point.

Processing params:


I am enjoying seeing how everyone is coping with those highlights and the high vis jacket on the police lady and horse. They are really challenging.

I like too the crops that have gone in close on the horse, the police lady and the main man , I never thought of getting in that close.

This Saturday is my last visit of the season to the football stadium (soccer stadium) where the image was shot as it is the last home game of the season for Bolton Wanderers. We have been relegated to the third tier of the English Football Leagues (it is only 5 years ago that we were in the top league - the English Premier League), so we have had a mighty fall and almost went out of business with massive debts).

Thanks again for the fabulous edits :slight_smile:

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Extremely late entry. But I saw this image only today and thought of giving it a try. I think almost all the highlights are recovered. What do you think? Have a look.
Phil_Howcroft-IMG_5591.jpg.out.pp3 (11.0 KB)

Did only levels and curves in GIMP with a tiny bit of dodging and burning too.

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Makes me want to try this one again with different techniques. I like the green dressage, however the horse looks a bit colorific to me.