[PlayRaw] 5: Friendly, Old Mastiff

I know I’ve already submitted an image for PlayRaw, but I was perusing my archives and rediscovered this lovable, old girl. Her name was Hope and she was patiently waiting outside a local bagel shop for her owner who had promised her some cream cheese.

Since I’ve had so much fun editing and reediting her over the years, I thought it might be appropriate to share so that others might have a go.

Hope: The Big Friendly Mastiff Raw
Darktable xmp

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I edited this example almost entirely in Darktable only using GIMP to resize and to add a custom curve to bring up the blacks and pop the highlights:

I can’t help myself. I have an addiction. :yum:


Hm… Haven’t we all?
Nice to see a darktable example – DT is an area where I presently know far too little…

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I’ve really been digging on it lately. I’m still the most comfortable in GIMP, but DT’s blending and masking options have made it my go to Raw editor.

A very nice photo @MLC

Here is my edit:

_DSC4825.NEF.xmp (12.0 KB)


Since she is so cute, I gave her sort of a glamour treatment :slight_smile:

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Or perhaps she perfers a slightly softer version?

A touch of Retinex and Tonemapping in Rawtherapee

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I like the soft warmth in this one.:slight_smile:
Edit to take out weird commas. Toddler on the lap is not conducive to typing accurately.

I agree, great edit @Jonas_Wagner

Rawtherapee with some wavlet contrast. Then gimp for some masking, gmic Gaussian blur, and gmic Lucy-richardson sharpening.


All done in DT

_DSC4825.NEF.xmp (26.6 KB)


@MLC very nice photo, and nice image to play with!

Here is my first attempt. I have tried to get the most out of the fur texture, using desaturation, RGB curves, masks, local contrast and bit of USM:



My interpretation in B&W of this beautiful dame. All masking, conversions and enhancements done in Darktable.


Thought I’d try untilting the head for fun.


The untilting, the lower key choice, and cool tone give your version a much sadder feel than all the others.

In that case @paperdigits I’d reshoot while waving a stack of bacon near the camera. At least that gets my dog to smile.

very nice shot. seems to lend itself to film emulation but didn’t go aggressively in that direction… rawtherapee to gimp with some nik cfx also…


Raw Therapee. Took liberty with color. Criticism welcome. Also, my first Play Raw, so let me know if I haven’t followed procedure.

_DSC4825RTsRGB.tif.out.pp3 (10.0 KB)


I think it may be tad dark for my taste. But I really like the colors.:grin:

No new PlayRaws :slightly_frowning_face:, so I was looking for an older one :grinning:. I tried to bring some sharpness back into the snout and a little glow into the eyes. Darktable only.

MLC-_DSC4825.NEF.xmp (10.4 KB)

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