[PlayRaw] Alfred's Vision

I was recently visiting Boston, and as I always do, I spent my weekend at the Museum of Fine Arts, which was running an Alfred Stieglitz exhibition at the time. On my way back to the hotel, on an otherwise moody day I snapped the following:

. This was my attempt at Stieglitz-ian style :slight_smile:

Raw: 20171009_0181.CR2 (23.4 MB)

XMP: 20171009_0181.CR2.xmp (5.8 KB)
DT Style: Alfreds_Vision.dtstyle (4.3 KB)

License: CC-BY-SA

Have fun!


Thanks for sharing. I like the B&W very much. So I had to try in color and tried to do something for the sky.

20171009_0181.CR2.xmp (9.7 KB)

Yikes, the equalizer! Corrected version below.

20171009_0181.CR2.xmp (9.3 KB)

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hi, here’s mine, done in RT…

20171009_0181-rawconvert.jpg.out.pp3 (10.4 KB)

Thanks for the nice photo. Here’s my attempt in RT.

20171009_0181-1.jpg.out.pp3 (10.5 KB)

@Thomas_Do Something is going on with the steel beams. E.g.,

@RawConvert I enjoy the look very much, though something happened to the clouds on the center left…

@jinxos, what a pleasure to work with this image. Due to your fantastic lens, camera combo and the perfect exposure at the sweet spot of f8, one can do practically anything and the image is still great!! I mean, you can count the number of rivets on the iron pillars on the jetty and get so much detail from the cabin on the bridge :slightly_smiling_face:

Any case, here are my attempts from RT. A slight crop so that top one third line is on the rooftops of the buildings in the background. Cheers mate!
20171009_0181.jpg.out.pp3 (12.1 KB)

20171009_0181-1.jpg.out.pp3 (12.8 KB)

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Hi all,

Here’s my first PlayRaw attempt, using DT. Thanks for the image!

20171009_0181.CR2.xmp (5.2 KB)

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My try in darktable:

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@Thomas_Do Thanks for keeping the old version for people to compare. There is a bit of haloing at the edges but it is much better than the stretch marks :stuck_out_tongue:.

@stonefree The vignetting certainly ups the moodiness of the already moody day.

@shreedhar I prefer the b&w but I noticed that it lost some of the detail that is only present in the color version.

Here is my colorful version!

Darktable: 20171009_0181_01.CR2.xmp (11.3 KB)

I like its BW version grainy :slight_smile:

Darktable: 20171009_0181.CR2.xmp (15.6 KB)


My version with Darktabe, GIMP and playing around with different G’MIC Film Emulations:

It reminds me on movie look from “Enter the Dragon” with Bruce Lee :smiley:

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Sure, I think, we all want to improve our skills :camera_flash:.

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Thanks to everybody that commits and participates and thank you Dimitrios (what a cool name) @jinxos not only for the raw but for the challenge; I’m not sure if I knew Alfred Stieglitz… some photos I do recognize but I don’t think I did :grinning: :pray::poodle::penguin::thermometer::cloud_with_lightning::leaves::melon::watermelon::tada:

Research material = some of Stieglitz photos, I love Okeefe (she was a sexy lady :rose::avocado: ) series.
research_material.zip (25.5 MB)
RT and one of Morgan’s “pressets” (if I’m not mistaken from the luminar thread) ever so slighty modded:

20171009_0181.tif.out.zip (3.8 KB)

With Luijk’s Tone Hacker ripped the curve from one of Stieglitz’s “similar” still

It was easy to make the LUT
AS_ref_LUT.zip (249.6 KB)

Then off to Gimp to desaturate, apply LUT with Gmic and all those fun things

I did a couple itirations in (still free) Analog Efex Pro (from nik, no no google, I mean dxo). Here’s presset from first one… second I just added more spit and dirt :camel:

m_like_Alfred_Stieglitz_up_1.zip (684 Bytes)

I think the final result came out nice =)

If I may, I would like to finish this long bong with a Stieglitz image… after all the title says Alfred’s Vision


@chroma_ghost nice! I love the final image, and I regret not trying sepia-toning it myself :wink:

Thanks to everybody for their edits, keep them coming!

@jinxos I am glad that you were inspired by the exhibition because we have a nice PlayRaw to tinker with now :sunny:. I also enjoy your post-processing.

Here is my take. I decided to go the sepia but subtle route.

  1. photoflow
    a) hot pixel and lens corrections, linear ACES with negative clipping
    b) careful perspective correction, crop (approx φ, gcd=8)

  2. gmic
    a) generate image from L* (D50)
    b) local contrast (foreground < background), nonuniform sepia
    c) curves to brighten shadows, mid-tones and increase contrast
    d) prep for your viewing pleasure

    Not optimized for <= 690px. Please zoom where possible.


Darktable 20171009_0181.CR2.xmp (12.0 KB)

Photoflow [a minima] + Gimp

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20171009_0181.CR2.xmp (12.7 KB) 20171009_0181_01.CR2.xmp (13.2 KB)