2018 PlayRaw Calendar


2018 PlayRaw Calendar

Chris creates a new calendar for the community

Last year I got an amazing surprise in the mail. It was an awesome calendar of a handpicked selection of results from the years PlayRaw images.

Chris (@chris) put together another fantastic calendar for this year (while juggling kids, too) and it’s too nice to not have a post about it!

![Play Raw Calendar 2019](upload://gopTmgWCRiinrM5UDDbtNzzdXNF.jpeg)
Yep, that’s the back side.
Monkey Business by Dimitrios Psychogios (cba)

It was a really awesome surprise to recieve my calendar last year - and I wish I would have planned a little better to be able to grab a photo of the calendar hanging in my office (it’s my work desk calendar - it never fails to remind me that there’s more fun things to life than work - also that I need to up my processing game… ).

This year Chris has done it again by assembling a wonderfully curated collection of images and edits from the various Play Raws that were posted this year. I’ve plagiarized his post on the forums to put together this post and get some more publicity for his time and effort!

If you get a moment, please thank Chris for his work putting this together!

You can download the PDF: 2018 Play Raw Calendar

Here are the images he chose for the calendar and the edits he included:

month image title photographer editor license
0 Monkey Business jinxos andrayverysame CC BY-SA
1 Glaciers, Birds, and Seals at Jökulsárlón/Iceland BayerSe McCap CC BY-NC-SA
2 Shooting Into the Sun davidvj Adlatus CC BY-SA
3 The Rail Bridge, North Queensferry Brian_Innes Jean-Marc_Digne CC BY-SA
4 Sunset sea Thanatomanic sls141 CC BY-NC-SA
5 Vulcan stone sunset asn kazah7 CC BY-NC-SA
6 Venise la sérénissime sguyader Thomas_Do CC BY-NC-SA
7 Dockland side view at night gRuGo CriticalConundrum CC BY-NC-SA
8 Eating cicchetti with ghosts in Venezia sguyader msd CC BY-NC-SA
9 maritime museum wiegemalt yteaot CC BY-SA
10 Alfred’s Vision jinxos msd CC BY-SA
11 Crescent Moon through silhouetted fern fronds martin.scharnke gRuGo CC BY-NC-SA
12 Everything frozen asn McCap CC BY-NC-SA

A preview (also shamelessly lifted from Chris’s forum post):

![small-playraw-Seite001|690x474](upload://gopTmgWCRiinrM5UDDbtNzzdXNF.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite002|690x474](upload://7mN7lFJTuE9TSbezUP3WASf5gAO.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite003|690x474](upload://c3zSN5HGtMQc8oOi8oGYo3acB10.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite004|690x474](upload://zT82ybIEsz2f3xzs6dk27rrCms7.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite005|690x474](upload://ksDFumuSq5h6udPaSgmXRkHkt24.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite006|690x474](upload://85FCwYXig3uk1oP3IMkqCG4PhWe.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite007|690x474](upload://7ciC2yeHSByARDBTLO85loYuTmA.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite008|690x474](upload://rcWJ2ioSZ108MpHrayaHctjb13C.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite009|690x474](upload://spJb2eyEMWkijFhQlfRDQGD4vB6.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite010|690x474](upload://bCFyQTDSbteUMG7nkwkPmN2nh1R.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite011|690x474](upload://s20sZnXPFOUU3G5vi5tqhodk2hv.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite012|690x474](upload://7j6Cy0KqV8R5nvIPGggDHnbT32a.jpeg) ![small-playraw-Seite013|690x474](upload://m8nnN7U1gp7AsfS76KXY7usUdea.jpeg)

These Play Raws are a ton of fun and one of the great aspects of having such a generous community to share the images and allowing everyone to practice and play. I am constantly humbled by the amazing work our community produces and shares with everyone.

Thank you to everyone who shared image and participated in processing (and sharing how you achieved your results)! I have really learned some neat things based on others work and look forward to even more opportunities to play (pun intended).

Fun side note: the Play Raws are actually something that began on the old RawTherapee forums. When they moved their official forums here with us it was one of those awesome things I’m glad they brought over with them (the people were pretty great too… :)).

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