[PLAYRAW] backlighted pelican


(Colin Pittendrigh) #1

This badly back lighted American White Pelican is a challenge to process. The back wing is blown out while the bulk of the bird is underexposed. Darkening the Mountains behind improves the background but not the bird. _PIC6611.NEF (19.4 MB)

(Colin Pittendrigh) #2

(Roel) #3

A lovely bird to look at! My edit is nothing too fancy, just some colors, crop and a slight rotation.

(Martin Scharnke) #4

My attempt using darktable.

_PIC6611.NEF.xmp (9.7 KB)


That’s a lovely capture. I cropped and rotated the image, applied haze removal, tweaked the levels, added a bit of split toning, light denoise and sharpen, and spot removal to take out the more annoying specs, using DarkTable 2.4.4.

_PIC6611.NEF.xmp (6.0 KB)


darktable: _PIC6611.NEF.xmp (7.1 KB)

(dumb) #7

The old and the new meet in mine: first an UltraWarp++++, then a JIFF self-bomb blend.

(Mike Bing) #8

I think it is quite a spectacular and stunningly sharp image! When closely inspected in DarkTable the back wing retains a lot of detail so I exported as openexr to be able to do some decent tonemapping in LuminanceHDR without losing quality. After that, I applied GMIC’s “Freaky Details” on a 50% transparent layer to bring out the feather detail and repositioned the bird with the “Liquid Rescale” plugin so it would have more area to “fly into” on the right. [EDIT]Added a highlight pass layer to brighten things up a bit…


_PIC6611.jpg.out.pp3 (11.3 KB)

(Thomas) #10

Here my try.

_PIC6611.NEF.xmp (10.1 KB)

(John) #11

Some people correct this sort of things with layers often several to get various parts correct and then paint transparency to combine. Easier to do than some might think, I couldn’t get a 2nd image to correct all blacks especially the nearest wing.

Anyway loaded directly into the gimp and used a photogenics point and shoot curve to map from raw with tiny adjustments to remove all clipping. This one is the replacement for the white wedding curve :grinning: that’s why I chose it - white needs to be good. 2 overlay layers at 25% transparency restored some of the black and may have flattened some of the whites a bit. Played further for better blacks elsewhere - couldn’t. Probably could make the whites better and then merge but left as is. Just reduced and sharpened a bit.


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_PIC6611.NEF.xmp (21.9 KB)
_PIC6611_01.NEF.xmp (22.4 KB)

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #13

Amazing shot. Really liked how the mountain ridges in the backdrop lead to the bird in a harmonious way. Here is an attempt essentially using the Wavelet and the LAB tool of RawTherapee dev 5.4-409-g99caa76f7. Negative vignette was added to keep the uniform brightness and warm colors are used to emphasize the joyous feeling of flying freely!

_PIC6611.jpg.out.pp3 (11.1 KB)

_PIC6611BW.jpg.out.pp3 (11.1 KB)


_PIC6611.NEF.pp3 (11.8 KB)

RawTherapee 5.4-dev

(Colin Pittendrigh) #15

I like this one


@pittendrigh thanks for sharing the pelican with us. The natural colour palette is truly beautiful, complementary full. A lot of interesting POVs and executions. I like your own version, also @msd 's . @Mike_Bing 's lying bird ('cause of the nose, avoiding misunderstandings) gives much needed extra space - Lola’s a bit centered - good one!

Filmulator, already pretty nice IMO (that HL rescuing tool is needed)


the processing in gimp, all gmic but a curve << experimented blending a LCE layer in divide blending mode, plus an inverted in exclusion BM



BTW I have the feeling the (dark) BKG theme in pixls is darker; anyone’s also experiencing that

(andrew) #17

Rawtherapee and GIMP multi-layered

(Mica) #18

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Thanks @martin.scharnke for confirming… it’s way too dark… for now I’ll be using my own tweak of TLV Night Mode extension for Brave Browser, the one on the right; on the left’s pixls’ dark mode and Safari.


Rawtherapee _PIC6611.NEF.pp3 (13.4 KB)
, film emulation (fuji reala 100) and grain in gimp and g’mic + crop