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Alrighty fellows! Have at it :smiley:

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@stefan.chirila I don’t drink COFFEE! Any chance you could take a few more shots for focus stacking? Would like to see more of this apparatus: what would you call it?

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It looks like Turkish coffee, and apparatus should be a kind of cezve. In Bosnia, it is called džezva. In Greece, the coffee is called Greek coffee, of course.

I love coffee! Italian expresso of course…
My take: Luminance HDR 2.5.1, ferradans11, pregamma = 0.5, rho = 2.8, inverse alpha= 6.9, white balance


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Then just a bit of GIMP love:

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don’t have more shots as of now, but can check in the folder. the name is briki (Greek), ibric (Romanian) and other names as below.

I make Turkish coffee (or my version thereof) with it. It’s too bad you don’t like coffee, it makes awesome coffee.

Recipe: maple syrup at bottom, fill with distilled water but leave a bit of room, then pour very finely ground coffee on top of the water, and set on medium-high heat. Once the water sucks in the coffee, lift in order to avoid volcano-like eruption :wink: then repeat the near-boil for a total of 3 times. Then I let it sit for some 2-3min then pour avoiding the grinds that collected at the bottom. :slight_smile:

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nice! welcome aboard the RawTherapee ship! :smiley:

Thanks @stefan.chirila.

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Gotta try this…life without coffee isn’t life.

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@elGordo as a fellow caffeine lover, you may appreciate this one as well:

I was chatting with some of my fellow coworkers from India, having heard that “spiced milk tea” was a popular street treat in India, and after some conversation, recipe swapping and some improvising I have come up with a recipe which is rather lovely.

Now, here’s a disclaimer I am not 100% on what they told me to do, but here is what worked for me eventually. I use an average kitchen pot (will post pictures if requested - size doesn’t matter), in which I throw some 4-5 pieces of cloves, optionally one piece of Cardamom, some 5-7 thin slices of ginger, a half-handful of pepper corns (green ones, or black ones is what I had at times). To these I add, 1/4 table spoon of raw honey, and 3x 3/4 table spoon of maple syrup (what this means, in plain English is, 1 table spoon and 1/4 table spoon :stuck_out_tongue: don’t ask).

Now, the tea is brewed in water, so to this mix you add 1 and a half cups of distilled water. I am using an oversized IKEA espresso cup, which I think is 3oz? (image below) So please, consider this is the kind of cup I use from here on.

You bring this broth to a boil, make it bubble, then move off the heat. When the bubbles are gone, add the tea, and leave it in there, with a lid on for 3minutes. Tea amount: 6 tea spoons of various mixes, mostly black tea (I prefer Russian Samovar, some Assam, and perhaps one Oolong for variety).

Once the 3 minutes of steeping are over, add 2 and a half of the same cup worth of whole milk to it all, and put it back on full heat. Stir for a while, you’ll figure out for how long, after a few tries, until the tea broth and milk have mixed well. Leave sitting under lid, off heat, for at least 3min for further mixing. Enjoy.

You may need a strainer :slight_smile:


@elGordo let me know how it turns out. The fresher the ground coffee the better, also aim for lighter roasts, since the procedure makes it strong to begin with.

@shreedhar you’re very welcome :smiley:

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Looks yummy! :slight_smile:

I’ll see if I can find some quiet time a little later to play also! :smiley:

ps: Would you mind attaching a license to it for us, please?

@stefan.chirila I like your spiced milk tea photo. It has a lot of character and is very inviting. I do enjoy a cup of tea once in a while, so I will try your second recipe, but without the milk (severe allergy). Where do you purchase your ingredients BTW?

@afre the picture with the cup is actually of turkish coffee, but it is the cup I drink the tea with also.

I buy the teas from this place in town called Distinctly tea. Not sure if they’re a chain or if they deliver. http://shop.distinctlytea.com/

@patdavid updated post.

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Hi there,

this is my try. My eye was irritated by the light spot on the upper right. So I tried to get rid of it using darktable…
Thanks for the raw !

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First time with Darktable. Using the windows version. :grinning:

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