[PlayRAW] First snow in Canadian Rockies

Whoever recovers most details in the sky is the winner. :slight_smile:

IMGP2701.DNG (21.5 MB)

License - CC-BY


Made in Darktable

IMGP2701.DNG.xmp (15.6 KB)


Rawtherapee and McGimp


I didn’t try to force the sky to look so blue, because based on the reflection below it’s really mostly overcast, and it’s not actually that far clipped.

I used Filmulator.



IMGP2701 morgan.jpg.out.pp3 (10.9 KB)


Staring at the screen your eyes adapt, then you go to get a cookie from the kitchen and when you return the image punches you in the face. Here’s a softer version:
IMGP2701 morgan soft.jpg.out.pp3 (11.1 KB)


Oh yes, had that a million times…and it surprises one howfar they can adjust. :fearful:

Any chance you can include a license for us? You can see the previous playraws to see what others have chosen/done.

@Andrius merci for the raw and all pips licking it :stuck_out_tongue:

Lightyzone > gimp & gmic > resize with hanning’s spoon in xnconvert > mozjpeg Q84 (from 7 to 1 MB)

@Morgan_Hardwood wow! compared to yours, mine looks like a gravedigger with prostate cancer on a cold rainy day. I want of those cookies too =)

yust 4 curio photolemurs version

with PS I got to give mr gravedigger some joy

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IMGP2701.jpg.out.pp3 (10.9 KB)

Edit: A more stylized version.


@Andrius Great image

RawTherapee only

Edit: Added pp3 as rightly pointed out by @Morgan_Hardwood
Canadian Rockies.jpg.out.pp3 (9.8 KB)

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Thanks for sharing! Here’s my version (RawTherapee) EDIT: wasn’t happy with the previous version, replaced with a better one.


Really nice shot!!

I going all out (anyone into manga??)…

RT and a lot of Gimp…

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My first PlayRAW. I am a beginner but I hope you like it.

Fun fact: I was tempted to insert some [clouds] (https://www.mariowiki.com/images/8/81/Cloudy.PNG) in the sky.

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Thank you Pat for reminding me about that. I added the license (CC-BY) to the original post.

Thank you everyone for participating. It is going to be tough to decide on who is the winner since everyone has done such a great job! I do like the more colorful versions personally but again, the sky not me will make that call.
By the way is there a pp3 (RT) to XMP (DT) converter by chance or I better do the transition manually? I try to stick to darktable as much as I can for RAW developing (because 1. I like the interface, 2. its support of drawn and parametric masks (I use them all the time) 3. I guess I already got used to it)

The tools and processing pipeline for darktable and raw therapee are not the same, so save for a few common fields (rating, color label), a pp3 to xmp converter wouldn’t do anything.

I’m a bit late to the party, but here is my take with PhotoFlow:

I mostly used curves and exposure compensation, masked with a combination of luminosity masks and gradients.

I am not completely satisfied by the highlight reconstruction in the clouds…


Ok. One more. Used Darktable and GIMP. I found that color play between green trees, brownish gras and blue snow very nice. Great shot Andrius!


Funny, it was that blue snow that was bugging me! I took a shot at bringing out the sky with RT:

I thought, “well the sky is better but the snow is this crazy blue instead of white”, and noticed that most other attempts had snow that looks to my eyes quite unnatural.

So, I thought “I don’t need no stinkin’ rules!” and decided to try to get the trees and the snow looking natural instead of focusing on the sky (did it with DT this time…I like trying these PlayRaw images with different tools as a learning exercise):

I think the snow and trees came out OK, but the sky is horrible! Any suggestions as to how best to achieve both natural snow and a better sky?