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Another rare photograph by me. :slight_smile:  That won’t stop me from sharing this little one. The top right corner has an undesirable appearance; don’t know what I could do differently next time. Have fun!

_MG_1272.CR2 (24.3 MB). Images licensed under Creative Commons Licence by @afre.


RT 5.6

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My take, DT 2.7 and gmic montage

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Maybe changing the perspective (point of view)? :wink:

RT 5.6

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Here are some of the points:

  1. Your viewpoint seem to be that of a person looking down. This makes it a more of a snapshot than a photo. I suggest try some different angle, if it is not possible to go down to the level of flower. This will make background less ‘‘busy’’.
  2. If you really have no other choice than to take the photo in the middle of the day, look for flowers in the shade. If not, then use one of the hands or some other object to make a shade for the flower.
  3. Since the flower has depth, use at least f/5.6 or lesser aperture so that the entirety of it is in focus.
    Here is my attempt using RT 5.6. I tried to crop in a way to make for an interesting viewpoint and tried to give some vinatge postcard kind of look.
    _MG_1272.jpg.out.pp3 (12.1 KB)
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Yes, I could have done #3. Was walking my Good boy Mr Shakes and thought, Isn’t that pretty; will get back to it on the way back.

RT 5.6

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RawTherapee 5.6-dev

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