[PlayRaw] Misty Path



Darktable: DSC_0539.NEF.xmp (11.8 KB)


Honestly this image is just great as it is, thanks for sharing.
As it is great out of camera (I would totally leave it as it is), I tried to come up with something creative…
…so I desaturated the greens to put them more into the mist and highlighted (by saturation and detail) the path and its lighter green side on the right.

Done in RT+Gimp


Thanks for sharing this beutiful image @Mario_Saraceni .
So, here is my darktable version :grin:

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #13

Here is a version using only RT 5.2
DSC_0539.jpg.out.pp3 (11.6 KB)


I’ll send Igor wth some candles, cheers mate :ghost:

(Mario Saraceni) #15

@chroma_ghost, that must have been so frustrating!! But your final result is lovely - thank you!

Thanks for adding the play_raw tag to my post, @afre

Very nice crop, @paperdigits. Perhaps the path could even be cut out completely?

Creative effect, @yteaot. I’ll start experimenting with the “color lookup table” module in DT.

Thank you for your compliments, @McCap. I like the careful balance in your version.

Your version is almost surreal, @Wocket - nice!

And the sky in @shreedhar’s version is probably the one I like the best.

Thank you all, again.


Destressing again. Not entirely happy with the result. Let me know what you like and don’t like so that I can improve next time.

  1. dcraw
    a) Output linear 16-bit TIF.

  2. gmic
    a) Lightness: increase regional contrast + reduce noise.
    b) Chroma: stretch contrast.
    c) Redistribute pixel values, favoring shadows.
    d) Sharpen by tone mapping.
    e) Reduce noise (maybe before step d next time?).

  3. GIMP
    a) Spot heal blotches at center-left and bottom-left.

  4. gmic
    a) Preparation for your viewing pleasure.

(John) #17

Thought I’d try something different. I used Fotoxx to open the raw and stayed in it rather than switching to RT. Produced 2 images. On one I clarified the mist as much as I could to bring out detail with Fotoxx tools. The other I just adjusted for a sort of nice look not worrying about mist detail. Then the gimp with images as layers. Blended in the detail shot in normal mode with the opacity slider. Looked a bit flat so new from visible duplicate and softlight at about 50% opacity. Maybe too much. I noticed that the lower part had a darker area that didn’t blend in well so back to Fotoxx and a none linear gradient. Final resize and slight sharpen.

:wink: Only thing is that if I look at it in an hour or so I might decide I need to change it and go through the lot again. Often happens with me but I’ll leave it in this case.

Oh forgot to mention I messed with the high end of the red channel to avoid clipping when contrast was pushed up via a simple curve. Suppose I could also have played with the sky colour.

Edit I feel I should have cropped some of the foreground out. :rofl: The darkness of that doesn’t fit in well with a web site that uses a white foreground but I decided to “forget” that. It can only be viewed in a lightbox type display really.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #18

@Mario_Saraceni very nice picture, thank you for sharing and letting us play with it!!!

Here are two versions of mine, both edited with photoflow, one in colors and one grayscale.

In both cases I have basically used several instances of contrast, saturation, brightness and curves adjustments, masked with horizontal gradients to protect the areas I didn’t want to modify:

In both cases, I have tried to emphasize the curvy shape of the road in the foreground.

The .PFI file for the grayscale version is here: DSC_0539.pfi (68.1 KB)

The color version can be obtained by simply disabling the second layer group…

I’m curious to see what you all think of those two edits!


@paperdigits Nice crop. It works and I actually don’t mind the path being there.

@Carmelo_DrRaw Wow, nicely done. The results remind me of technicolor and B&W film. Earlier in the thread, I mentioned that I preferred a brighter foreground and I think you have done it well. Makes me a hypocrite because I didn’t do that with my own attempt :blush:. I will probably give it another go.

(Boris Hajdukovic) #20

Darktable and GIMP.

Darktable: DSC_0539.NEF.xmp (8,8 KB)

GIMP: enhanced contrast and applied sharpening with highpass filter.

It looks like Hungarain Flag now :slight_smile:

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #21

Looking forward to your new edit!

Meanwhile, here comes a second version of mine, with a better tonal balance in the foreground, and grainy versions of the B&W edit:


B&W small grain

B&W medium grain

PFI file: DSC_0539-2.pfi (81.2 KB)

The tool I used to generate the grainy versions is briefly introduced here. It is not open-sourced yet, but I plan to put the code on github in the near future.

@chroma_ghost could you share the .PFI file that could not be exported? I have edited the above images with version 0.2.8 and had no issues at all. However I have only used few tools (basic adjustments, curves and gradients). Maybe there is some specific tool that is causing troubles…


Sure thing Dr. Cool! It might have been slightly different values for the RAW developer module, but negligible overall

DSC_0539.zip (3.3 KB)

Thank you kindly for looking into it :love_you_gesture::tiger::giraffe::hatching_chick::rosette::butterfly:

I like the small grain B&W version =)


@afre :musical_note: smokeee in the watttter an fire in the skyyyy :stuck_out_tongue:


Rt 5.2
Misty Path2.pp3 (11.5 KB)

RT 5.2 saturation +82 and retinex :open_mouth:
Misty Path.pp3 (11.4 KB)

(Mario Saraceni) #24

I love all the latest versions of the “misty path” image. If I really have to pick a favourite, I’d probably say @Carmelo_DrRaw’s second colour is hard to beat.

The tricolour effect (Hungarian flag? Or Indian flag?) is clearly a dominant theme, and I really like how it has been a) emphasised, b) de-emphasised, or c) just smashed to pieces in a couple of the interpretations.

Thank you again!

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #25

I’m really glad you like it!!! I think this is a very good example of how powerful masks-based local editing can be with certain images…

(Andrew Keech) #26

Haven’t worked through a digital camera pic in a while (my main image work is with film scans). Fun, nice looking landscape in the vertical, if a little soft on focus. :slight_smile: Ripped this off quick.

(Marco) #27

Hi there,
I’m new on this site. PlayRaw is a nice idea!
This is my version. I just did some tweaks in Darktable…

I like the b&w variants from @Carmelo_DrRaw

DSC_0539.NEF.xmp (6.5 KB)

(Immanuel Wilhelmy) #28

Here is my try: I tried to have an overall harmonic lighting as the viewer would perceive it when having eyes wandering across the scene. Furthermore as the sky provides the one and only illumination I added a little bit of red glowing to the meadow to have an overall consisten color impression.

And here is the XMP (Darktable):

DSC_0539.NEF.xmp (16.1 KB)

I did not invest more than 15 minutes but tried to get it as close as possible to my philosophy of trying to get a picture giving a viewer the possibility to reproduce what the original scene would have looked like (knowing that a human being does not capture a flat image at an average exposure but having a very adaptive cognitive and optical appartus built in).


(senpai) #29

with darktable 2.60
DSC_0205.NEF.xmp (13,5 Ko)