[PlayRaw] Misty Söderåsen

Autumn is here again, it’s that time of the year when you struggle desperately to reproduce the colors on screen which blew you away while you were out in the woods, only to realize that your hardware sucks, your software sucks, you don’t know what you’re doing and you should have become a politician instead.

Here is a photo of one such foggy day in the woods. There was not-light-but-not-too-heavy mist everywhere, the woods felt dreamy and quiet and the patch of light behind the curve made those leaves glow.

Processed in RawTherapee. I will post the PP3 later - the only reason for the delay is so that it doesn’t influence your take on the subject. Updated 2016-10-30 - PP3: 2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw.pp3 (10.7 KB)

It would make comparing easier if we all used the same JPEG size, mine is 1040px high (without the 40px high frame).

Download the raw file (21MB): https://filebin.net/fb3sgitze0roh7bo/2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw
Photo licence: CC BY-SA 4.0

I would like to see how you process this raw.


Very inspiring!!!

Ooooh, I’ll play with that later!

Here’s my attempt:

Just using Lightzone (http://lightzoneproject.org).



My first attempt, but I’m not entirely satisfied… I think I have “killed” the misty feeling…

Mostly edited with RGB curves combined with diagonal masks, using PhotoFlow:


First I want to thank you @Morgan_Hardwood for capturing and sharing a gorgeous mesh of light =)
Edited in photoflow trying to keep the silky mood but poking a finger on light’s eye :violin:

Below for fun, photolemur AI mother,.,.mn.,mn 10 sec edit. Look mum no nuthin’
Thank you everybody participating, going to the garage to build me an EMP device :watch:



Used negative shadows, negative contrast, and negative compression in wavelet residuals to enhance the pot at the end of the rainbow slash sneaky light around the corner effect. Tried to balance the big red and green zones with rgb curves and an Ektachrome sim.
A Rawtherapee production.


Wow very nice picture and perfect theme as I have been struggling lately with keeping misty athmosphere misty. I’ll have a go at it later.

Here’s my try. I actually reduced detail in low levels of DbC to keep it misty an heightened detail in levels 4 and 5 for general contrast:

Whoa I can see right away that I reduced detail to strongly…

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Great photo! I used Immse demosaicing , and wavelet tool denoise, edge sharpness, residual image and final touch-up tabs. Then lightened it up and added chroma a bit using CIE Color tab, used Fuji Velvia 50 film simulation (at 50% opacity) and then added a suitable vignette. Then in GIMP used levels tool (along with layer masks) to brighten the leaves in the foreground and foliage on the trees.


2016-10-16_soderasen_12.tiff.xmp (14.9 KB)

Just a simple curve and a slight reduction in chromasity, bit of contrast by detail level. Also RT “feature”. I applied a gradient at an angle at the bottom of the image - notice bright patch bottom left.

This should be the pp3 file.

2016-10-16_soderasen_12a.jpg.out.pp3 (6.1 KB)

:slight_smile: Suppose I could have taken some of the green light out of the shadowier areas but left it in.

Some photo forums add arrows to the light box so that all shots in a thread can be scrolled through.


Fixed gradient in the gimp and added a bit of a soft light layer erased over the highlights. Toned down green and blue with curves.


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With some fog and smoothing masked in Gimp.

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Hi. I’m new here. Maybe I should introduce myself somewhere…
By the way, here is my take, done with Darktable.
I slightly warmed the color temperature, used two copy of the equalizer, one for the road/hills, enhancing the contrast, and the other for the luminous foliage, decreasing the contrast to give it of a misty feeling. Then I increased the color contrast, and finally applied the soften and bloom module. The result is maybe a bit too much “mainstream”:slight_smile:

2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw.xmp (8.5 KB)



Nice shot.

darktable: 2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw.xmp (26.5 KB)


didn’t see anyone attempt b&w
used darktable for bulk of processing
final minor contrast, sharpening and scaling done in gimp using gmic plugin


I used Filmulator to produce a somewhat lighter, more painterly rendering. Drama 56, black clipping 0.0026, white clipping 0.6559, shadow brightness 66.063, highlight brightness 943.89.

Then I dropped it into RawTherapee for some large-radius defringe to reduce chroma noise and added vignette.



So this is my first post here :wink: A very inspiring image. This version is processed in darktable.


I thought I’d give it a “shot”. Used ACDsee Ultimate 9. I’ve enjoyed seeing what others have done with this photo, which by the way, makes me want to find that path in the woods and sit a while!.

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