[PlayRaw] Misty Söderåsen

Another attempt with photoflow. This time I made a less aggressive contrast adjustment, and used a warmer WB setting for the bright glow on the leaves:


Not sure why I did these things! In Rawtherapee added a bit of warmth and inceased exposure. In GIMP I added a b&w layer to reduce colours, used curves to reduce some red then added an S curve. In Color balance slight increase in blue and green, in G’MIC Tone Enhance (not a lot). I realised then that I’d introduced a lot of noise and so reduced that using Iain’s Noise reduction, about 30%. If I had time I should have played around with luminosity masks.
I have to say that this is a lovely photo - I think I might get up early tomorrow to see if I can find similar here.

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What a great picture, thanks @Morgan_Hardwood for sharing and letting us play.

Processing things of note
Unusual tone curve to try and exaggerate sunny leaves
Negative vignette centred on sunny leaves to further exaggerate them
Negative lab contrast to keep misty/painterly feel
Heavy LH CH curve adjustments to enhance leaves green and orange
RGB curves to warm the picture
Reasonably heavy noise reduction to kill detail and try and keep the misty/painterly feel
Heavy lab chromaticity, I think this picture can take it

2016-10-16_soderasen_12.jpg.out.pp3 (10.7 KB)


Here’s my rawtherapee / mcgimp edition. Black n’ White


Here’s one processed with Darktable.

I really like this B&W conversion, very nicely done.

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Thanks for sharing the image. I’m really enjoying seeing all the different processing options and interpretations.

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Another one. A bit more exposure this time. reduced saturation on the leaves on the ground and more on the green leaves. Darktable only.


I am new to this website and love the idea of sharing RAW files for editing practice.
Edit done in Darktable.


Fantastic image and processing.

Here is my attempt, clearly inspired by yours but it also doesn’t match it. Yours clearly has more depth and a nice 3D effect to it. :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing how you did this.


Here’s my humble contribution :slight_smile:


Hmm, I see three Davids but none of them are @patdavid

My edit is sitting back in my office machine. :frowning: I won’t be back in the office until the end of the week - but I’ll be sending mine along shortly!

Gave it another shot:

A bit more glowy hazy :slight_smile:


One more try.

Two white balances out of RT, blended them in Gimp using luminance masks and then added a little masking:


My noir effects in Rawtherapee and McGimp.

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How do you apply this glow?

Maybe darktable’s Soften module, which is a nice and quick way of applying the Orton effect.

I’m not exactly sure anymore. I played with a lot of things. Local contrast + lighten, the equalizer in Darktable and soften module in darktable. With soften I usually apply a parametric mask to limit it to the highlights combined with some blur. So if it looks over processed it’s because it is. :slight_smile:


Did you use split-toning? cause the tint in highlights is available too…