[PlayRaw] Misty Söderåsen


(Pat David) #41

In the spirit of the season, and because I’ve been listening to classic spooky stories all week, my version.

2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw.pp3 (10.4 KB)

(Pat David) #42

Same image with a more aggressive ‘cinema’ crop (2.35:1) and letterboxed to 1.85:1. Not sure which I like better. Some of the darker areas might have clipped more than I wanted, but I didn’t think the shadow detail there was important to the feeling. The silhouette told me everything I need to know…

After re-inspection here I think I prefer the 2.35:1 crop (this one). I don’t think the slightly lighter foreground in the larger view adds anything to the image - rather I’d say it detracts a bit by trying to pull the eye down to the bottom of the frame.

The only additions to this beyond straight RawTherapee was some slight coloring in GIMP + a bit of an exaggeration of the lighter tones + crop.

(Carmelo Dr Raw) #43

Personally I prefer (and like very much) the first version. In the second one there is something slightly disturbing in the lit part of the leaves, although I do not know what exactly it is that distracts my eyes…

(John) #44

You’ve kept the green too Pat. I stuck with the original idea of taking it too bright really - Autumn. I added a gradient to get round the bright foreground. It needs to be angled and RT doesn’t handle that well unless I have missed something. It brightened from each side of an angled line so left a brighter patch bottom left. I’m not keen on the cinema crop either.

Seeing glow mentioned I thought I would see what GIMP’s Orton effect would do. Too much fine detail really so wasn’t keen on the result. I duplicated the blurred layer and set normal mode and reduced the opacity to get a sort of misty result.


(Pat David) #45

By the way, my inspiration when I first saw this was Steichen’s The Pond—Moonlight, 1904:


(Francesco Riosa) #46

rawtherapee only:

2016-10-16_soderasen_12.jpg.out.pp3 (10.2 KB)

(Morgan Hardwood) #47

PP3 attached to first post.

(Andrea Volpato) #48

Am I late for the woods party?
Here is my darktable developed photo.

2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw.xmp (16.9 KB)

(todd) #49

my RT pass…

(didn’t think to save the pp3 before loading others to look at what you guys did…)

(Mica) #50

@todd I like the colors, very Halloween appropriate!


I boosted stuff and then carved out a big notch from the green channel to give a depth illusion.

(Thomas) #52

Sorry resurrecting this thread. But I just found this image and couldn’t resist to try myself. Darktable only.

Morgan_Hardwood-2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw.xmp (6.4 KB)


Yes– this photo is great, as are many of the older play-raws.

(Pat David) #54

Don’t forget everyone - you can see a list of all of the posts tagged play_raw right here:


Or you can just click the little “play_raw” up at the top by the topic title:

(Morgin) #55

Oh yeah! Found this in my PlayRaw folder. I think I did most of it in RT when it was first published and forgot to upload it. I just now resized it in GIMP.

@Thomas_Do, there’s no law that says you can’t resurrect any, old thread you find interesting. Especially when it’s to play around with such lovely photos.:grin:


Barely any processing needed to enjoy this photo. :slight_smile:

1. PhotoFlow → blend HL mode → CA correction → lin Rec.2020 (no clipping).
2. gmic → fill negatives → add contrast (curve) → smooth (hot pixel, guided) → vignette → resize → sharpen (edge).


(Cranberry Carborundum) #57

Morgan_Hardwood-2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw.xmp (14.5 KB)

It’s a nice photo and thread

@MLC has a dreamy vintage look going

and it seems my tastes align with @Thomas_Do

(Glenn Butcher) #58

Not sure how I missed this one, great image.

I think what I have looks most like @patdavid’s . An aggressive curve, just about laid the spline flat on the bottom and top ends. Crop to take out the foreground and put the lighted part in a good place in the frame:

(senpai) #59

My version with darktable 2.60
Morgan_Hardwood-2016-10-16_soderasen_12.arw.xmp (18,3 Ko)