[PlayRaw] Oronsay Island, Skye



that’s a very good/natural looking pic Mica :ok_hand:

In general,most of the versions have the horizon still leaning to the left, not necessarily a bad thing



IMGP2593.pp3 (11.2 KB)

(Brian Innes) #23

@patdavid, I’ve just put a license in the original thread, I take it that is sufficient?

(Brian Innes) #24

Thanks everyone for some very pleasing and varied results!

@patdavid, I’m loving your B&W version. I may well reprocess my cropped image (as shown in my first post) into a similar B&W shot. The B&W version seems to suit the dull dreich weather when I took the photo! :smile:

I must admit though, that the original photo wasn’t really planned in any way, just a quick snap while I was trudging back to my accommodation in Ullunish, Skye, after getting rained wondering whether to risk heading out to Oronsay Island or not. Seeing as I was unsure of the tide (that is a tidal causeway in the photo), I didn’t risk becoming a coast guard casualty, but I checked the tides and I managed to get to the island a couple of evenings later!


Darktable IMGP2593.PEF.xmp (11.8 KB)

EDIT: Another try, hopefully better?

IMGP2593_01.PEF.xmp (12.0 KB)

(Mica) #26

I didn’t crop, the original is leaning slightly :smiley:

I like filmulator, it gives very pleasing results very quickly & easily. Cheers @CarVac!


@Brian_Innes Good raw for a quick snap.

Did you take any snaps while you were there? Any of them worth sharing? :wink:

@chroma_ghost I don’t mind the slight tilt. It isn’t very noticeable.

@paperdigits I agree with you on filmulator.

“Uploading…” → Were you planning on uploading something else?


I didn’t crop, the original is leaning slightly

I know buddy, I know. I too like the concept of CarVac’s software =)


I don’t mind the slight tilt. It isn’t very noticeable.

@afre depends on whose eyes we’re talking about, 'cause to me it was the first thing I (intuitevely) noticed. But I love that you don’t mind :bearded_person::genie::merperson::couple_with_heart_man_man::couple_with_heart_man_man::couple_with_heart_man_man::couple_with_heart_man_man::couple_with_heart_man_man::couple_with_heart_man_man::brain::pig::rabbit::deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree::fallen_leaf::beetle::stuck_out_tongue:

(John) #29

Bit of RT then Fotoxx but need to do again due to luminosity mask selection lines showing.

But posted anyway due to what might be odd raw development in RT showing a spike on the end of the histogram that’s resulted in a bit of colour in the sky. As I downloaded After Shot Pro I also tried that. No spike when highlight recovery was used. Also pushed colours to see if anything cropped up in the sky.

I’ve seen these spikes at the end of the histogram several times on here and wonder if it’s an OS raw devlopment bug on the other hand they remained on one shot off here when highlight recovery was used in ASP but it has slider so that they can be chopped off.

Which is right? Neither I suspect due to some odd clipping in the highlights. Which is the best handling of the clipping ? Pass.

Also posting to see what shows on the web. To get rid of the RT sRGB profile I selected none but seems to cause problems in the GIMP. Not sure yet.


(Mario Saraceni) #30

Wonderful image (makes me want to go back to Skye)! Thank you for sharing.
Here’s my version, developed entirely in Darktable, just playing a bit with local contrast, levels, brightness and saturation.


Very strange things happening to the cliffs in the background on the right, as well as on the water/strand limit on the left of the causeway…

(Mario Saraceni) #32

You’re right! Caused by a lazily placed gradient mask. This is better now.


That wasn’t for you…


Here is my try. I added a bit yellow/orange color to the bright parts of the sky to make colors more balanced between foreground and background. Also, desaturated and darken the redish parts in the roadway to remove distraction.

Darktable (latest git version): IMGP2593.PEF.xmp (7.2 KB)


My take on this in darktable

thanks for sharing :grinning:

(John) #36

The clue with RT seems to be to use the highlight recovery etc only in the exposure panel. The spike disappears then, well the histogram shows the more usual signs cf clipping.

Just adjustments in that panel

Also tried DT where the highlight adjustments just do as expected.

I couldn’t get any sky colouration with RT and may have made slight contrast changes in DT. Otherwise I adjusted to get both the same on darker clouds top left.

Both were cropped, reduced and saved as jpg via Fotoxx.


(John) #37

My version. Using the DT tiff, Fotoxx and a bit of a gimp softlight layer to adjust a bit.

Thanks for the shot. Nice one to work on. I was determined to try and make something of the sky.



That looks like spurious color to me, after all the picture was taken at dusk.


Rawtherapee 5.3 IMGP2593.pp3 (11.2 KB)
and a bit of sharpening and grain in gimp

(John) #40

It could be that if amaze is used for demosaicing in DT the results would be the same. It does have that option but defaults to another.