[PlayRaw] Presets beta testing - "Carpathica Presets" for RawTherapee

Hello everyone,

As mentioned CustomChrome presets for RawTherapee and NEW customCHROME packs - Holiday Indoor and Carpathica [rawtherapee presets] - #7 by stefan.chirila, I am working on a new presets pack for RawTherapee (customCHROME - http://stefanchirila.com/customchrome/). It is based on my trip to Romania last year and I am almost done. I would like, before I post them on my page, to have some of you beta test it and see what reviews I can get. :slight_smile:

Here is the zip with the presets: Carpathica_Presets-Sept15-2017.zip (640.0 KB)

Here is the zip with the samples I’ve got (The presets were applied to the raw version of the '‘before’ images, with whatever tweaks necessary to make them look nice. Remember, the presets are meant to be a starting point only. The ‘after’ images have the name of the preset used before the file name, to make it easier to figure out.): Carpathica_Presets–samples.zip (27.0 MB)

Any feedback is welcome! I am planning on publishing by the end of the week :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the effort! Carpathica is up and ready for download.


Thank you for sharing! I’ll try when in get home.

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Hey Stefan, thanks a bunch for these! I’m loving’ the samples you provided here, both from the look they have and a photography standpoint. I will try these presets a go with some of my own shots and write an opinion here :slight_smile:

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@Boris_Simovic thanks a lot! means a lot :slight_smile:

@Kijof looking forward to them :smiley:

Tis the season for fall fun fests, so here’s a look at the Candy Colors preset:

The preset rendered the sky light purple, but a tilt of the shade by the HH equalizer in L*a*b* pulled it back into bluishness.

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@HIRAM thank you so much! :smiley: