[PlayRaw] The Unpopular Entrance



I rarely go downtown but @stefan.chirila’s (What's your) High ISO technique motivated me to check out the Toronto Christmas Market. I kept on postponing until today, an overcast, chilly and busy day.

Lineups to the white ticket tent to the north, to the west and north entrances, and people walking shoulder to shoulder. Police, crowd control and helpers with Christmas-themed attire (not quite elvish of the Santa variety). I decided to walk around the perimeter and then take a streetcar ride somewhere random. (Never been on the new ones.)

Here is a shot of the east entrance. It is empty because the website doesn’t direct people to it. Sorry that I chopped off the “T” of “THE” in the first image. I already pressed myself against the fence across the street and it kind of reflects how lonely the entrance was. There is another angle where I could have taken it but a parked streetcar was in the way, so the second shot is from inside of the streetcar. I purposefully shot it so that you could see the reflection to give you the context. Sorry about the camera shake.

Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with the both of them!

Camera JPG #1, resized:

Camera JPG #2, resized:

1. _MG_1074.CR2 (24.8 MB)
2. _MG_1076.CR2 (23.8 MB)

Images licensed under Creative Commons Licence by @afre.

[PlayRaw] My Streetcar Experience
(Stefan Chirila) #2

This is great! @afre I had no idea you’re from Toronto :slight_smile: Might try and lure you out for a photo walk or something sometime (Kitchener here).

I like the second one and I shall try to see what I can do with it. I’m a fan of weird and out of the ordinary points of view :slight_smile: - such as https://www.instagram.com/p/BkRcFd8lvFk/

(Stefan Chirila) #3

Edited with RawTherapee 5.5 Official AppImage

Full size JPG
_MG_1076.jpg.out.pp3 (11.7 KB)

Full size JPG BW
_MG_1076-1.jpg.out.pp3 (12.0 KB)

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #4

I tried to give this image an old look (daguerreotype).
_MG_1076BW.jpg.out.pp3 (12.3 KB)


Result of deOldify with @stefan.chirila’s b/w above as the input.


And this is just jpg#1 monochromed on the iPad then deOldified on the CoLab notebook.image


The dehaze tool is great for the first image, then I’ve warmed the temperature :slight_smile:

_MG_1074.CR2.pp3 (11.8 KB)

_MG_1076.CR2.pp3 (12.8 KB)

(Gustavo Adolfo) #8

Thanks, @afre, good to see one of yours.
Here’s my take on the latest DT

_MG_1074.CR2.xmp (4.5 KB)

_MG_1076.CR2.xmp (5.5 KB)

(Thomas) #9

Tried to transfer the image one hour into the future just before sunset :slight_smile: .

_MG_1074.CR2.xmp (11,3 KB)


melendi melendi need to go in, pukk some skirt frictioneer, maybe get black eye and sausage, hot hot mustard and a tree kiss; the light grabbing is free, still, movement still, alive still. filmulator and gmic/gimp


like my friend says; vitaminita pal cuerpo papichulín


For personal REF (don’t make me laugh cactus) LUT = tweaked CXA_madreselva_chicken-torque.cube


Sure, we could meet sometime. However, I am not a people person, though I love good company, and might not be able to walk away from my care giving responsibilities.

Wasn’t intentional, though it certainly adds to the atmosphere on an otherwise uninteresting overcast post-winter-solstice day.

@stefan.chirila I like that you respected the reflection, esp. the bellows against the brick. The window wasn’t tinted but your colours make it look like it was.

@shreedhar Your entry is dark like all of your other PlayRaw entries but unique and interesting once I turned up the brightness. Very nice.

@HIRAM Didn’t like what deOldify did to @stefan.chirila’s B&W. Try it on @shreedhar’s B&W too. Your second one looks good. I like the patches of colour distortions. I can’t think of what to call them in English…

@age As usual, I like your colours. Definitely much warmer than what the day presented. Unfortunately, the distillery sign and posts don’t look quite right in 1076.

No problem. My photos aren’t as impressive as other people’s, including some of yours, but I would like to share more in the future. :sunny:

@gadolf The faded and filtered look isn’t necessarily a bad thing. What it does do is make the posts incredibly flat and it tames the red coats that the others’ entries over saturated. Might be a Canon thing.

@Thomas_Do I think yours has the wow factor. The whites might be unnaturally bright but that makes the photo more interesting. The colours are good too.

@chroma_ghost Favourite crop so far and I like how sharp it still is even though you zoomed in on the cold people. Is the sequence of key sequences supposed to mean something? I don’t get your poetry today.


I actually tried to deOldify @shreedhar’s b/w first, but was highly nonplussed by the results. It’s just too dark to compare with the @stefan.chirila b/w and deOldify likes a bit more lightness.

(Stefan Chirila) #13

Happy holidays guys (and gals if any) :slight_smile:


My take on 1074. I tried to tame the reds a bit. Bonus: I didn’t realize that I managed to get the CN Tower in the shot. :smile:

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (none) → AMaZE → linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f

2. gmic → crop → blends (retinex, log) → adjust brightness, contrast (curves) → sharpen (high freq contrast) → reduce chroma (selectively) → sharpen (LoG) → resize

Edit: uploaded the wrong image; this one is correct:


My take on 1076 using two of my G’MIC fun filters.

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (blend) → AMaZE → linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f
2. gmic → filter pixels → crop
3. gmic → outline A and texture B filters → adjust brightness, contrast (curves) → sharpen → resize

Zoom 100% and enjoy!

Outline filter

Texture filter


Another try on 74, basically a refinement of the former workflow with better results.

1. PhotoFlow → HL mode (blend) → AMaZE → linear Rec2020 (no clipping) → 32f
2. gmic → crop (1.5) → sharpen (high freq contrast) → blend (retinex, hlg) → adjust brightness, contrast (curves) → reduce chroma (saturated reds) → reduce chroma → sharpen (LoG) → resize

Zoom 100% and enjoy!

(senpai) #17

With darktable 2.60
_MG_1074.CR2.xmp (5,5 Ko)

(senpai) #18

With darktable 2.60
_MG_1076.CR2.xmp (5,2 Ko)