Please recommend a wired mouse

I’m running Win 10 and would like to be able to use the mouse wheel for editing in modules like the Tone Equalizer for moving the sliders.

My old Dell hand hand me down mouse does not work with the wheel except for pressing down to change zoom levels. I would like a simple high quality mouse that is wired with similar ergos to the Microsoft Intellimouse. Maybe even that one, unless there might be a better choice out there.

I use an Asus gaming mouse. It lets me move dt sliders with the scroll wheel. It has all sorts of programability, but I just use it the way it came out of the box.

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Thanks, Tim. Is yours wired?

I use the Logitech MX Master 3… its fantastic but has an internal battery … charges with USB-C runs for a very long time…bluetooth connected but a usb cable to usb-c could let you run it as if wired if it ran low… but it runs for a long time and gives you ample warning it could use a charge and will still run for a few days… Great scroll wheel… Knurled metal. Its ergonomic and has extra controls… goes on sale from time to time…

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Anker vertical mouse:


I’m a Roccat man.


Logitech and Microsoft mice are nice. I used to use low-end Logitech mice like the M90 (~ 15 USD/EUR/CHF). Now I use a wireless Dell keyboard/mouse combo that I can connect to both my work (company) laptop and own desktop, saving me having to swap between two sets of keyboard+mouse, and reducing desk clutter.


I have the same (from a different brand but I think it’s the exact same model). Can absolutely recommend vertical mouses. You need a bit to get used to it but it’s much better for the wrist (at least for me).

Using a Logitech M720. Runs on standard batteries (one AA) but a standard battery lasts months and I am a heavy user. No wire. Comes with a USB dongle if your computer doesn’t support Bluetooth, and can switch between three computers with one button press. “Free rolling” mouse wheel also an addictive feature.


How about a Razer Naga Trinity?
All those macro buttons can be genuine
timesavers :slight_smile:

I severely dislike wireless ones —
#1Wife used her Logitech upstairs, and
I mine downstairs. They interacted.
Not good at all.

I’m a Roccat man too. I use a Kone xtd, and I’m sad that this model is no longer available, as it’s buttons are not only a part of my work flow, they are part of my everything flow! It is wired. I don’t rule out wireless, but do prefer to keep the keyboard and mouse at the simple hardware level so that it will always just work.

Big part of the deal: it works with Linux, programmed buttons and all. Do you know if the newest models do?

To keep my mouse going, I do have to do surgery from time to time, eg opening up the microswitches and cleaning the contacts.

I only wish I’d bought a second one while it was available. Plainly, it is, as the saying goes, what my right hand was made for, lol.

That’s what I’m using! Didn’t know the number but just picked it up and looked.
Works just fine. :slight_smile:

Well, I can tell you what wired mouse NOT to get.
Sunplus Innovation Gaming mouse [Philips SPK9304] which I have branded as a Kensington Pro Fit Full Size Mouse. Had it only a month or so before some of the plastic on the thumb rest became warped, and only about a year or so before the scroll wheel stopped working.

Still not sure whether I prefer full size or smaller yet either.


No, I am on older models. Programmed them once and that was it.
I just saw that the Tyon I have 3x across my machines is also not available anymore.

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For proper movement of the mouse also flawless sensor may be a benefit. Something like PWM 3360.

Interesting! Can you give me an example where this much precision would be useful in DT?

Second the MX3 Master. Very ergonomic and precise. It’s not wired, but I never had issues on macos, windows and linux. I can switch to all of them just pressing the button below. It’s just working.

Same here… my original one came with a Logitech K850 keyboard. I liked both enough that when a local computer shop had a closing-down sale. I purchased 4 sets (and extra mice) to standardize and to make sure I don’t have to worry about finding a replacement for the next decade.

Both keyboard & mice support three hosts changing via buttons so I have my home desktop, home laptop and work laptop and can swap between them but only have one keyboard and mouse on the desk.

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My best hint for precision mousing is… remove the cat fur from the mouse mat! It really trips up the optical sensor.

And my best hint on how to do that is… use an eraser :slight_smile: