PNG importing fails, no color, no alpha

(magdesign) #1

Having some serious troubles importing .png images in Natron.

Importing a colored .png with an alpha channel imports the image as black and white image.
Importing a black and white .png with alpha channel inverts the colors and no alpha channel.

Working on Natron 2.3.14 under Linux.

Can anyone share a trick how to solve this behavior?

(Siddhant Rane) #3

i didnt get this: when you import a colored png, does it show as a B/W channel (like alpha channel), or does it show like a desaturated image?
If its like an alpha channel instead of the rgb channel, try adding a shuffle node and checking the channels.
If its desaturated, i dont know what might be happening…

(magdesign) #4

Thanks for your feedback.
Its actually quite funny.
I rebooted my computer and did the exact same workflow with the same .png and this time it worked.

So I have to figure out how to reproduce this behavior to open an issue.

(Siddhant Rane) #5

In that case it might have been a temporary graphics issue

( #6

The version 2.3.14 it does not work me well I use 2.3.12

PNG Imports but Renders with a Solid White Outline???
(Siddhant Rane) #7

i’d say that 2.3.13 is the stable-est version right now…