Portable Custom WIndows Build of Darktable with Sigmoid, Filmic v6 and new Laplacian HLR

Build on Alderlake CPU

Generic portable build

This build is compiled to include some features not yet merged and an alternate tone mapper that has had a lot of discussion.

Basically it is built and installed on my PC and then zipped with a couple of small modifications to let it run from that folder. I have added a small batch file that runs it using a local config directory in the install folder and from any relative location where you might want to put it. I have also not changed many config defaults except to the modern WB and scene referred. A key one is also that it will not write xmp files as I set that to off in preferences…just for those that might not be careful enough to use it on separate files…

So basically you can unzip this anywhere you like…downloads is fine and then run it using the small batch file (run_dt.bat) in the DT_expt directory…you can also rename this is you like …

The bat file is not anything nasty… the text is shown below… it just runs DT from whatever directory you install it in and uses the extra config folder I added to keep it all contained.

.\bin\darktable --configdir “.\config”

This is just to experiment with and to allow you to evaluate this without having to build or pollute your system…you can simply delete the folder that you unzip this to and all is removed…

You can use the same approach to make your own version “portable”

Also if you are new you might have trust issues I understand but I think there are members here that can attest that I have been around for a while and i am not trying to do anything to your computer… I have uploaded the zip file to my dropbox…

So if you feel like it enjoy and have a play. I did as usually forget to make it generic so its built on my intel gen 12 cpu. If it doesn’t work for you hang tight and I will do a generic one tomorrow for those that have an issue…

EDIT: So what you get is a normal install with 2 additions …shown below. Also if you are on a regular release like 3.8 or 3.8.1 or earlier this will also have the exposure matching and color matching features that have been added…


Look forward to seeing the results from this. Won’t install for now as it will distract me from all the jobs in the garden!
What happens if a lot of people like the sigmoidal results but it is still deemed ‘contraversal’. Will a breakaway darktable republic be formed?

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I have found that your optimised builds don’t work on my computer so if you had time to post a generic build that more people could use, that would be fantastic.
Only if you have time of course…

I will …


Try this one…link corrected

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Although I have been reading about the development of Sigmoid, I have no idea how the module is to be used. Is there a description somewhere of that?

In short, drop-in replacement to filmic.

I certainly understand that my explanation in the big thread might have disappeared in the noise!
I would recommend the following workflow starting out:

  • Deactivate the filmic module and activate the sigmoid module in its place.
  • Adjust exposure such that middle greys are exposed to your liking.
  • Adjust the contrast in the sigmoid module such that the saturation of the image seems “natural” (I recommend keeping it within the range of 1.2 to 2.0 if possible).
  • Use the other scene-referred modules as you would normally do when using filmic.

@priort thank you for providing this build!


@jandren Thanks for getting me started. I’ll have to play around with a variety of images to get a feel for it.

And, yes, @priort , thanks for this build.


Thank you, Jakob, for all the time you have put into getting this idea turned into a working piece of dt. Your patience has been remarkable.


Hi, just to be clear if I run the install below, will it not interfere with my current installation if I run it using the bat file.

I wasn’t clear whether your explanation was referring to the zipped file for the optimised build or the generic installation file. Just want to make sure first! Many thanks.

I was just trying out using the custom build on a shot I took yesterday and discovered that I couldn’t use diffuse or sharpen unless the sharpen module was activated. No matter what preset I chose, or if I just adjusted it myself, the screen turned black if sharpen wasn’t on.

Its the same deal…the batch is for two things …one to run DT from that folder once you unzip it and two to point it to use a subfolder of that folder for creating its config files…Just create a folder for some test images and copy them there and you should be good to evaluate the features…

EDIT I see now I may have not uploaded it as a portable zip…my error I will correct that…

Interesting…I am not seeing that issue…I realized that the generic one I posted was an exe file ie the installer package and not the portable modification. I have corrected that. If you were using my original build that was made with any CPU or other optimizations meant for my Alderlake CPU…so maybe try the newly posted generic one?? I have tried both on my machine and see no interaction with sharpen and diffuse and sharpen as you are observing… There are sure to be some errors in this version as it combines code from several sources but it seems quite functional on may end and was really intended to allow people to compare the new filmic v6 with sigmoid and to try the new HR Aurelien is working one…with the side benefit that is also has the spot exposure mapping and color matching features that have come along post release…so that was the goal and I think it will be fine for that but I can’t say that the combination all together will not have some bugs that you don’t see in release or current master branch…

Installed the above. Still same problem. Something unique with my system, I guess. Otherwise, I am really pleased with it, and using sharpen is not so bad.

Thanks for all your work.

Ah makes sense now. Thanks!

That is the weirdest side effect???It’s a pure hack but for that test version you could auto apply a preset with 0 opacity??

Sorry I have to stop having these ideas at 2 am :slight_smile:

Fixed it!
But now local contrast won’t work unless sharpen in on. :crazy_face:

So auto applying sharpening at o percent fixed something and broke something??

@Underexposed Strange sightings: are they only appearing in kind @priort’s builds? Hope someone could repeat the mess and write a bug report.

Thanks for this build.
Just few observations.
Highlights in filmic v5 and v6 behave quite differently
V5 (Using power norm chroma preservation)


The new laplacian highlight recovery works very nicely in this case. Thanks @anon41087856 for all your hard work, I think this really fixes a long standing achilles heel in darktable.

Reconstruct in LCH

Reconstruct in colour

Guided laplacian

I have had a play with sigmoid, looks different, difficult to compare because it generates a more contrasty, saturated image, so have to change the other settings to obtain something equivalent.

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