.PP3 files how to use them?

(Syv) #1


  1. I have a raw file, I process it and make a couple of snapshots as I process it.
  2. When I’m done with the processing, I go back to the snapshots and export.
  3. I have 3 jpegs, each with its own .jpg.out.pp3 + 1 .raf.pp3 for the raw file.

If I load any of the .jpg.out.pp3 sidecar, it overwrites the .raf.pp3. How can I prevent that? I don’t want to loose my edits.



(Andrew) #2

I think it’s best to regard the raf.pp3 as a temporary / scratch file, and make sure important versions are jpg.out pp3’s (or tif.out…). Does this help… https://discuss.pixls.us/t/rt-pp3-output-profile/5002

(Shreedhar Inamdar) #3

By not loading them?
Am I missing something?

(Syv) #4

If I don’t load them, how can I go back to some step that I want to keep?

or virtual copies? Can this be done in RT? One in BW, the other in colour?



(Shreedhar Inamdar) #5

Oh, I understand. You want to choose only some of the settings from various pp3 files on top of your .RAF.pp3 file.
To do that, after opening the RAW file with last saved profile, you CTRL+click the folder icon next to the drop down arrow in the Processing Profiles tab. (If you hover your mouse on that folder icon, you should get this tip) It allows you to choose which pp3 file to load and exactly which modules from the chosen ones to use to overwrite the current profile.

Edit: Source screenshot:

(Syv) #6

Yes, I saw that, but in the end, it overwrites my original .raf.pp3

I can only have either the BW or the colour, I can’t save both. I’d like to have bw.raf.pp3 and colour.raf.pp3

Or am I missing something?



(Karlheinz Lehmann) #7

I think you already have what you’re looking for. The pp3 with the name of the raw file contains the latest work with that raw. The pp3 with the name of the output file keeps the work to reproduce that exact output file.

(Syv) #8

No, that doesn’t work because:

  • Colour = normal processing
  • B&W = higher contrast, and exposure changes…

If I load the B&W pp3, it overwrites the image pp3 and changes the image pp3 and I loose all my colour settings.

Are you saying that I should create 2 copies of the original RAF image, one for colour and one for B&W?

Am I the only one to try processing the same image in B&W and in colour?




It’s possible to have as many pp3 files as you want, but as you have discovered, and as @RawConvert has pointed out, treat raf.pp3 as a temporary working file. There are load and save buttons in the processing profiles section.

(Morgan Hardwood) #10
  • When saving foo.raw to JPEG, RT saves foo.raw.pp3 alongside foo.raw,
    and if “Save processing parameters with image” is ticked it saves another foo.jpg.pp3 alongside foo.jpg for convenience.
  • When opening foo.raw, RT auto-loads foo.raw.pp3 if it exists, or it looks for a PP3 in the cache, or if neither is found it uses default values.
  • Snapshots are not saved when saving a PP3. If you want to save snapshots, you currently need to do so manually by saving one PP3 per snapshot. https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/2624
  • PP3s can be partial or full.
  • When loading a PP3, the processing profile “fill mode” only matters if the loaded PP3 is partial.

(Jean-Christophe) #11

As @james told you, you can save the actual state of your edit in a pp3 file. By “actual state”, I mean that you can select an entry in the History, or a Snapshot, then click on the Save button in the Profile Selector to store a complete pp3 file corresponding to this actual state.

Alternatively, if you reopen an image to edit it again, then load a pp3 file, you have to select the first entry in the History before closing the Edit tab (or switching to another image) if you want to ignore the “second edit”.