Product photography with vintage glass and free software.

I’m building my product photography portfolio so this was done pro-bono. I contacted this small brewery asking for one of each of their beers so I can make some photos. This is what I was able to do.

Shot with SONY a7R and Sigma Super Wide II 24mm f/2.8 (1981, manual focus version)
Tethered to my laptop using Entangle
Downloaded to disk with RapidPhotoDownloader
Processed with RawTherapee
Composited and post-processed with Gimp.

I had a lot of fun working on these. What do you think?


I never would have considered doing product photography with a 24mm but it looks great!


Totally. I would probably also would have used a 50mm, or even a 135, but I live in a very small studio apartment (like really tiny) and I was kind of forced to use the 24 due to lack of space.

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Nice effective shots, and most importantly, what a great way to get free beer!


The mood and feel is great. I’d say it looks like the lens wasn’t perfectly parallel to the bottle, and the 24mm contributes to that.

Also watch where your specualr highlights land on the glass. Generally the specular is off to the side and helps highlight the shape of the bottle, rather than right in the middle as you have them.


I must admit I initally had variants with side lighting but I found these more pleasing to my eye. However, now that you mention this, I agree with you.

Why do you say the lens wasn’t perfectly parallel to the bottle?

The bottles look like they’re leaning back slightly to me. I could be wrong.

Also with the last photo, the dark glass, you need side light as you loose the shape of the bottle into the background.


The backward leaning is due to the perspective of the 24mm. It was very close to the bottles.

I agree about the dark bottle. Lessons learned, no doubt. Thanks for the pointers.

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OMG!!.. You got FREE AS IN BEER!!!

Nice photos… how was the beer?

The beer was great. Some of the best I’ve had. Especially the red ale and the ipa.

Individually, I would say that they are great, except for the red ale, where the splash background isn’t very exciting (although it has a subtle 1 shape to it, as in number one). As a set, I wish that they were positioned and framed in a consistent manner.

I agree about the slightly inconsistent framing and positioning.

The color splash for the red ale, which is called “Vlad’s Stake” was intentional, it’s a reference to Vlad the Impaler.

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If you can’t use a 50mm to take a photo of a bottle of beer in your appartment, that suggest that your appt is about 1x1 meter ! :wink:

You haven’t taken into account any furniture I might have and it’s placement, that would severely limit my options for positioning the table the bottles sat on, the camera tripod, the flash tripod etc.

FYI, my tiny flat has a total livable area of around 27 square meters (bathroom, kitchen, small hallway and a bedroom).


Well, looking at those bottles sure made me thirsty - job accomplished! :slight_smile:

I also did notice the leaning back, and thought it looked quite nice, giving it a special touch.

You should have gotten two of each bottle. First of each goes towards “setup and preparation”… :slight_smile:

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I should have.

I don’t see it. The shape may have to be pointier and more assertive.

Didn’t bring it up because I wanted to be respectful. Since someone did, let me ask: Would it be possible to temporarily rearrange your furniture or remove a door or window to add more length?

Fun fact I have never had a beer in my life.

Let’s not concentrate on people’s personal effects and living situations, it seems rude.

As I come back to these photos, I have to ask myself: why are they landscape?


Nah man, don’t worry. I actually find it somewhat curious you would assume this was something that would not be respectful. I mean… I live alone, no woman, no kids, no pets and I spend most of my time in bed sleeping, or watching TV, or if not that, I’m at my desk, on my computer. Plus I own the place - bought it in cash, true slav-style, so there’s no rent, no bank payments… I’m actually rather proud of my little matchbox.

Short answer is no, not really.

WOW… That doesn’t sound fun at all… just kidding. May I ask why? Have you had any other alcohol?

No it really does not… May be a cultural thing, or maybe I’m just not that easily offended, but I don’t find anything rude about it. It’s OK.

Uhm… I don’t know, it hasn’t crossed my mind to make them vertical… But now that you mention it, I’m starting to think perhaps it would have made a little more sense.