proposed logo for ART

Morning, everyone. I had fun trying to create a logo for Art, knowing that the current logo is supposed to be provisional according to Alberto. I realized that the task was harder than it looks. After several attempts going in many directions, I submit a first proof to your critics. Even if a logo must be visual above all, I wanted to give meaning to it: I took the colour code of the Rt logo inside a simplified camera (telemetric :wink:) and I replaced the lens by the tab that is emblematic for me of Art, the local correction. The colors overflowing from the subject evoke the brush of local correction.
here are 4 variations (2 without the name, and with a different color trail)LOGO ART3 LOGO ART3noname


After a real test ! it seems that in small (real format) the visual readability is better with a white background trimming .LOGO ART3noname_2

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nice! :slight_smile: do you have the svg sources as well? I’d like to play with a few variations…
There’s also this idea that has been proposed recently (though it’s only a mock-up):

The art looks really nice!

But for a logo which is often displayed rather small, it might be a bit to overcomplex. In comparison the logos of Rawtherapee and darktable are much more simple.

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Not the right place to say this I think, but I love the actual logo! Its rainbow colors can be interpreted as well like “Everybody is welcome”.

I designed it in krita that doesn’t export in svg. I can pass you the .kra file which contains all the layers. Inkscape can output the .svg but it will be a flattened image.

oh… that is unexpected!

that could work too, thanks!

yes it is indeed a little too complex for a good visibility in small format. That’s why the last one presented is more readable.

Yes I had seen, and what I tried to do from that idea was even less readable, even if the idea is very good .

Oh, je ne savais pas que je parlais si bien le français! :slight_smile:

How about a simplification along these lines? (hopefully better executed :stuck_out_tongue: )

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I was testing that too right now!!! :joy:

If you can draw the rectangles with a more “cartoonish” style (like you did in your original logo), I think that might work…

I do this and I post !

the result is this with variations…

logo art minimaliste logo art minimalistenoir logo art minimalisteborddt


I like #1, but I think the white lines should be thicker (I think 180%-200%), otherwise they are barely visible when scaled down…
Thanks! :+1:

#1 in 32px and 48px:
art.logo.32px art.logo.48px

Hmm, looks like ‘point and shoot’ ! :wink:

like this ?

logo art minimaliste2 logo art minimaliste2_48px

It’s true that the original logo is so ingrained in the spirit, that it’s hard to imagine another one ! :woozy_face:

yes :+1:

that’s not necessarily bad though :slight_smile:

It’s not that I dislike the current logo, but I grabbed it directly from wikipedia, so it’a bit generic… This one is definitely more customized, and looks nice to me.


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Here is a version in which the green stripe in the center is filled in. It looks better visually to me.

This post could be an opportunity for everyone to propose different logos in order to have a larger choice! (but it’s true that the spinning top, even if it’s a generic logo, is very nice !!!)

logo art minimaliste2 logo art minimaliste2_48px

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