[px Capture Challenge] Comet ATLAS

So this fun little thing is getting closer and closer to earth and it might be worth to get out your gear and try to capture it:

  1. Please follow the rules set by your government. Doing your part in staying healthy is more important than getting the shot.

  2. I am sure not many people might have a shot of that comet already but a capture challenge is about getting the shot. not grabbing something from your archives. Rules for capturing challenges


Sadly, looks like the comet blows up…

Well that’s crazy!

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Two nights ago, It was almost vanished:

For reference, in the same picture, near one of the borders I captured NGC 2403, a 8.8 mag galaxy that was clearly brighter that the comet


So C/2019 Y4 has gone :frowning:

Hubble did a pic.

Indeed, the comet blowed up. Now I’m waiting for the next one.

Darn. Our first interstallar comet was a just divine wind (神風!).*

* kamikaze

Are those single shots?