Rules for capturing challenges

So we did not have one in a long time and before I bring up a new one I was wondering if we should get some basic rules to actually encourage us to do some capturing instead of “oh I have that shoot from X months/years ago that would be fitting”

My current proposal would be: “Capture challenges are meant to motivate people to go out and capture photos. Take the idea and see how you would interpret it. All submissions should be photos taken for this challenge.”

Let me know what you think.


Sensible. It is just that the participation has been low so far.

We will have to work on that as well. Agreed. But just having it “grab from the archive” was never the intention.

I think for a few challenges we should embrase basic art tennents: line, shape, color, contrast, etc etc, and in the longer run we should strive to keep challenge subjects simple and a little vague. Pick subjects that can be captured in everyone’s neighbourhood. Also the minimum number of captures should be 1.

Finally we should have a thread for suggestion, pick one, and space them out. I’d like to avoid the “problem” I sometimes see in the Play Raw, which is that there are time when there are bunch of posts in a short amount of time.

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The list can be somewhere available and the ‘winner’ gets to choose the next topic? :smiley:

I really like the idea. It will at least encourage/force me to get out and take picture close to me.

Do you really meant minimum ? If so, I didn’t get your point. Every member of this forum have to submit at least one picture ?


We have tried a few where you were supposed to submit a series of photos, like 5 photos, and the response wasn’t great, I assume because making 5 photos worth sharing might take quite some time.

I don’t think we need a list of something. Anyone can just suggest a topic in a new thread. Just as we are doing with play raw.

I think the pixls community is a really nice and friendly one, however, my need for capturing challenges is already completely satisfied by participating in Just my 2 cents in this discussion…

I am sure there are like 100 more capture challenges out there. just as many as editing challenges. :slight_smile: