Quantum of the Seas

I’ve just returned home after a few days away. Coming in on final into Brisbane saw this vessel at the Cruise Terminal. This is the best of a few rapid captures; still some motion blur, but no time to adjust to a faster shutter speed. Overcast conditions and aircraft window both make for reduced dynamic range and contrast. So, is it overcooked? Or is it even a keeper? Opinions, and critique of my attempt welcome.

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286.nef (20.9 MB)
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A first used darktable, and then GIMP.


My play in GIMP. Increase of contrast, more saturation of low and medium saturation areas and extra sharpening. I also attempted to remove what I assume were spots on the window.


My version…

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286.nef.xmp (16.5 KB)


Bumped up the contrast slider and boosted the saturation a bit to restore the image.

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286.jpg.out.pp3 (15.2 KB)

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Good candidate for exploring haze and colour recovery. Would this be relevant to @jdc’s RawTherapee processing challenge?

I think I continued to edit the same image so I’m not sure of the exact xmp for this one but you can get it from the jpg if at all curious…

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Thank you for this reference. I added this image for my personal purposes.

Nothing prohibits using RT “lacam16n” in this post.

Thank you again


Apart from the Rawtherapee challenge (lacam16n), I offer you this possible treatment (one among others). I only used “Local adjustments” tools.
But, everything is subjective :wink:
Of course with last branch : lacam16n

Two RT-spots (summary):

  • the first global that uses Cam16: in Source Data Adjustments": TRC : gamma - slope - midtones and Smooth highlight Rollloff with “Slope based”

  • always in the first Spot : Cam16 Images Adjustments : Brightness (Q), Local Contrast, Contrast (Q), Saturation (s)

  • always in the first Spot : Local Contrast & Wavelet => Wavelet : Local contrast, Merge luma (Clarity & sharp mask…)

  • the second spot for the sky : Cam16 - Smooth highlights Rolloff - Slope based, and lightness (Image adjustments)

  • always in the second spot: Blur/grain denoise → denoise : non local means.

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286.nef_jdc.pp3 (30.3 KB)

I hope no error by transcribing the treatment and copying the files.



Standard version

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286.nef.xmp (13.4 KB)

and “special crop” :wink:

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286_01.nef.xmp (13.4 KB)


Hello, here is my version developed with ART.

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286-2.jpg.out.arp (16.6 KB)

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Here is my take. The idea was to pop out the cruise ship as much as possible, and enhance the greens to bring a colour contrast. Used HP filter and CB-RGB for that

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286.nef.xmp (13.0 KB)


My attempt with darktable

2024-03-22_14-28-41.75_DSC5286.nef.xmp (10.0 KB)

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