R&Darktable with early phase Color Eq module ...

Windows build with Color Eq…just introduced and a WIP…


Oh, color equalizer? This makes me very interested. I’m on Linux so can’t try. Could you provide some screenshots?

What?? I just downloaded and compiled R&Darktable this morning on my Linux desktop and the Color Equalizer is not there.

The version number is showing as 60bbf83

What’s up??

color equalizer seems to still be in it’s own branch and is not merged with master:

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I have explained stuff here:

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Thanks Aurelian, I can now compile from the dev option and see the color equalizer module.

Is this what I think it is? Suggestion to improve the Color balance RGB module · Issue #10474 · darktable-org/darktable · GitHub ?

Explained here…



See the PR link I posted…

@aurelienpierre , nice to see things happening.
How do you want possible bugs and feature suggestions communicated pls?

Oh, didn’t know about these plans. This is making me very excited. Good timing because the last weeks I’ve been trying to leave the 3d lut module behind and grade with color balance rgb. However, because of the ineffectiveness of jumping between multiple modules with (with parametric masks) I gave up and went back to a single instance of 3d lut at the end of my pipeline.

Right, I completely forgot this issue, but essentially, yes.

On Github please, using issue tracker.

I can’t see anything on your R&D… github, so I assume use the standard dt tracker.

Right, forgot to enable it. Anything related to pixel pipeline will anyway affect both projects. Stuff related to GUI changes made on R&Dt obviously belongs to R&Dt.

Right on! Thanks for tackling this issue!

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