Raw and DNG files do not look the same

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See the DNG vs RAW files development results with the same settings and a matrix only DCP profile - they’re DIFFERENT!

[Feature request] - raw to DNG convert
[Feature request] - raw to DNG convert

I surely missed something but there is nothing to see except text!

And RT 4.2.1 is quite old and obsolete. Upgrade to last 5.3 version.

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My bad. One has to be logged in to LL to see the attachments. I installed the new 5.3 and the issue persists. Take a look at the shared pictures:


The DNG jpg seems to suffer from a purple cast compared to the ORF jpg.
I already converted photos to DNG without noticing difference in the processed output.

If you suspect a problem you can open a bug report on github.
Don’t forget to explain how you converted to DNG (what sw…), and join dng, orf and pp3.

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With a different camera:
Now who’s suffers purple?
As said, converted from RAWs to DNG via the Adobe DNG Converter, the ORF is Olympus E-500, the ARW is Sony ILCA-68, developed all in the Raw Therapee, the same settings for the DNGs and the native RAWs were used.
BTW gaaned92, thanks for a prompt reply!

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More than this, a JPEG picture with Adobe RGB profile LOOKS DIFFERENT in PhtoShop and RawTherapee! Why on Earth?

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Working color space, softproofing, and 5 other color management related things I haven’t thought of :wink:


In this matter, to complain is of no use. lot of things can lead to different results.

Earth is vast :wink: Perhaps PS is buggy or viewing conditions are not the same or PS applies some processing or many other things…use of PS proves nothing. To view jpg better use a color managed viewer.

If you really want to get an explanation or solution to your DNG problem, the only way is to provide a bug report (see http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/How_to_write_useful_bug_reports:

  • your system, RT version
  • the initial raw file
  • the detailed process (which sw, version…)you used to obtain a DNG
  • the pp3 for raw file and DNG file
  • What you observed exactly

Unless, you will get no real explanation.

(Mike Bing) #9

What led you to believe they should look anything else but different?

(daicehawk) #10

I do not think that one “ready” file with the same monitor profile and intent should look different. Otherwise, why color manage at all?

(Alberto) #11


would it be possible to share the raw files (orf and dng) and the pp3? Without those, it is hard to figure out what is going on…

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Adobe buggy but RT isn’t?
New LR, old PS cs2 and new Windows Viewer look about the same. It seems the RT uses a highly different CMS.

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Excuse me, but I calibrate people’s displays for money and know a couple of things about the color management. So a color-space-assigned JPEG should look almost identical in both programs considering all the sliders are nulled.

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #15

As far as I can see the ORF file uses sRGB and the DNG uses no color space. So how should your program know what to do?


@daiceHawk I believe that people are trying to help in their own way but they require more info. My observation is that Adobe software sometimes write their own tags, and ignore or remove others. RT might not recognize some of that. The apps you are comparing may be reading or interpreting the file metadata differently.

(daicehawk) #17

How can you see that ORF uses sRGB? Do you mean the preview JPEG embedded in the ORF? RAWs pe se do not have working profiles assigned, it is us who first assign (or not) a camera input profile, then a working colorspace, then the output colorspace.

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People better not respond with general joking “might be anything”. I am all pro argumented and facts based discussion.
Clearly, no soft-proofing enabled, the same monitor, the same system monitor profile, the same RAW source and the DNG converted in the Adobe native converter, the same RT version. The tendency in both viewed in RT RAW vs DNG and the rendered results viewed in RT (or PS) is persistent.
Heck, see the bug opened above, download the files and see for yourself.

(Mica) #19

But you must share those facts with us, in all their gory detail generally, in order to reach a solution. Nobody here is a mind reader, nor are we familiar with your setup or workflow.

(Karlheinz Lehmann) #20

I used the exiftool to read the exif data … but I misinterpreted the reading from the DNG as the exiftool reports errors with this file. But the embedded information for the color space is sRGB in both files. But the ORF has 1200x1600 pixels, the DNG has 768x1024 pixels. So they are not really comparable …