Raw Therapee build test

I can’t download the build for maCOS 11.3.1 Big Sur, this is the link from a previous thread. It opens another window with an error “Not found”

:fire:Help please, is there other link?

https://keybase.pub/kd6kxr/ take a look here

Thanks but there are only older versions, the latest RawTherapee OSX_10.12_64_5.8-2813 Is this what Big Sur 11.3.1 users are working with? I think this version was before the M1 chip, Intel codes Correct me if wrong.

Those are the latest builds. I don’t think there are any specifically for Big Sir yet and there are no specific builds for the M1. It should run in Rosetta though.

Thank you, there was one for Big Sur 11.2 as shown in my first comment but apparently it has been deleted.
Can someone tell me when a build for M1 will be ready? Very curious. Will give Rosetta a try, I haven’t installed it yet (New Mac user)

im not aware of any devloper working on it. There is no date or roadmap.

I hope it works with Rosetta, thanks :butterfly: