Rawtherapee 5.5 Behavior on Windows with RT 5.4 Installed

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I just installed RT 5.5 on my Windows 7 PC alongside RT 5.4. Unfortunately when I would try to use Windows Explorer to right-click a file and either choose “Open with Rawtherapee” or “Open with…” and then select “Rawtherapee” Windows would only start RT 5.4. And if I tried to use “Open with… -> Choose default program”, Windows refused to recognize RT 5.5. Sure I could choose it but as soon as I clicked “ok”, Windows would throw my choice away.

To get around this problem, I used Regedit to replace all references to 5.4 with 5.5.

This works.

Now my question is this - Has anyone experienced the following behavior:
When I start RT 5.5 using Windows Explorer and the right click- “Open with…” and then select “Rawtherapee” ( not the right-click and “Open with Rawtherapee” option), the opening of the main dialog is preceded by the opening of a DOS RT console window which I have to manually close when I exit the main RT dialog.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?


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I have 5.4 and 5.5 installed together on a Win7 PC.
Can confirm what you experience.
Additionally, opening files in either RT from File Manager opens either the folder or the file with folder thumbnails.
I just ignore the console window now but I use FastStone viewer to organise photos so set up both progs from there which open up quickly and in full editing mode without folder thumbnails.
There is a short thread from a week or so ago about that console window.

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Hi Peter,
Thanks for the info.

The discussion that Peter is referring to is here: