RawTherapee 5.5 is one week away

RawTherapee is tagged at 5.5-rc2 now, some feedback would be appreciated.
There are six MacOS versions, and no se cuantos Windows versions upon which to test. Plus, there are two sets of windows builds and there is a desire to get the @Carmelo_DrRaw Automated builds up to par with the @gaaned92 set. The plan is to have 5.5 in one week.

macOS 10.9 10.10 10.11 10.12 10.13 10.14 build by @hiram:

Windows builds have been generated by @Carmelo_DrRaw’s machinations:

Windows builds by @gaaned92 available in:


I’ve built RC1 and the list of changes in Preferences - About - Release Notes is impressive IMHO, well done folks and thank you.

Re. “Unbounded processing - allows you to decide whether out-of-gamut colors should get clipped.
How do you specify this? I can’t spot it, also found an Unbounded item in github but couldn’t spot it there either.


Untick this:

Note though that some of the tools might still clip internally. So if you really want to make this work, you should probably not deviate much from neutral (i.e. demosaicing, exposure compensation, denoising and lens corrections should be fine, everything else should be better left alone)

Aaaaaagh. Sorry! And it’s been there ages. No emoji shows sufficient embarrassment…

Example of dehaze strength and depth. The higher the depth, the further back the haze was.

Strong dehaze on/off:

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@HIRAM is the cable car raw yours, and if so, could we use it in RawPedia?

IMG_0233.CR2 (22.3 MB)


Yes and yes, I took this a couple of years ago at Nui Ba Den, Vietnam. There is a temple at the top of “Black Lady Mountain” and one way to travel there is by this thing. Most people walk up the mountain. The ride is amazingly smooth, though.


It is a good example.

this is so cool! I’m so looking forward to running this :slight_smile:

I just tried to download and install from the link on the rawtherapee website…windows 5.5 RC1 is flagged by Trend Micro as ransomware??

@priort Should be safe if you are downloading from actual website. The antivirus apps tend to be overzealous and give false positives. For me, they often flag the installer and not the app itself. Try @Carmelo_DrRaw’s portable.

As handsomeware? :grin:

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Thanks I wondered but did not want to risk it also looks like the build was attributed to DrStony or something?? That did sound a bit sketchy….

Lol… sLony

Dec. 5, I downloaded Commit: ca6724 for Windows 64-bit fast, installed it, and when I tried to launch it, only got to this message:
The procedure entry point ScriptIsComplex could not be located in the dynamic link library GFD132.dll.

Which build was it that you downloaded? The one from rawtherapee.com?

Hey guys, here’s 3 things I found; they may or may not belong in this thread but here it goes.

1: When I add a node to the curve to smoothen the upper part (so it doesn’t clip to white but progresses slowly instead) it creates that weird knee-like pattern. Is this supposed to be like that?
2: When messing with the colour channels in the tint section, once I am done with that channel and switch to another, the changes go away. Practically only All channels at once, or just one of the three can be altered.
3: It would be nice if one didn’t have to choose between curves either being colour or luminosity. Would be nice to have settings for both changing.




I messed around with it tonight for a while and couldn’t find anything wrong. The added features are welcome; I just need to go find something hazy to photograph now. One question, I see that there is a section for the Bayer sensors but not the X-trans anymore. What’s the story behind that? Thanks to all of the devs who work so hard to put this together. The efforts have been appreciated. We’re getting a new computer soon and I won’t be installing Lightroom anymore.

Yes, at https://rawtherapee.com/releases_head/windows/RawTherapee_releases-5.5-rc1_WinVista_64.exe

:frowning: think the 5.5 rc1 might have clut issues :frowning: