RawTherapee 5.9 released

@martbetz Thank for the quick reply. I’m an iOS Developer by trade. I went ahead and cloned the repo and built 5.9 development branch for now until the macOS version is released. It was pretty straight forward (once I resolved some of the dependencies via Homebrew). Unfortunately, I think support for the Fujifilm X-T5 will most likely have to wait until Apple updates their Digital Camera RAW support to support the X-T5. The last Fujifilm X series camera supported is the X-T4 and with the caveat that it only supports uncompressed RAW files :frowning_with_open_mouth: Not sure if I can look into the dcraw library and hack it to support the X-T5 without the Apple OS Support. But, from what I read about RAW support for the Fuji cameras in RawTherapee, is that it also only supports uncompressed RAW files from Fuji cameras (due to a limitation with draw perhaps). I guess, for now, I’ll convert all the RAF files from the X-T5 to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter. It’s a bit of extra storage on my cloud drive, but at least I’ll be able to edit on my iPad using Adobe Photoshop.

UPDATE: So, it appears that, as long as I don’t compress the RAW file, RawTherapee does in fact allow me to process the X-T5 RAW files. Yay!

UPDATE 2: Also discovered, for all you X-T5 owners, that X-T5 RAW Lossless Compressed files also open without a problem. The only one that it had a problem with is the compressed version, which is lossy and, well, when shooting in RAW, why would one ever want to use that :stuck_out_tongue: Sure the file size is about half of the lossless, but don’t we shoot in RAW to gain the most accurate pure digital negative of our captures? Anyway, all good news.


Good news!!!

Thanks to all all the developers for their great work and to all the supportes of course too.

Now, i think, it will be necessary to bring content and translations to rawpedia.

How can i help for this?

I don’t think RT depends on any macOS component for raw support, as you found out :+1:

As mentioned above, you can probably try to add better support to X-T5 by hacking away at the camconst.json file: you can for example use the values from the darktable/rawspeed support table, they should have a 1:1 correspondence. (And these are identical for the X-H2 btw.)


I think it would be wise to postpone translation. There is a more urgent need to bring the current documentation fully up to speed with the currently released version and all its features, and to do general editing on the text.
If you are willing and able to help with that, it would be much appreciated.

@Thanatomanic sure, not only translation, but also completing the documentation. Whatever needs to be done :slightly_smiling_face:
How i can get access there?

@marter I can give you access once you register, see “How To” Translating RawPedia - RawPedia but what do you want to document? The information entered in RawPedia must be technically correct, and that often requires understanding code.

@Morgan_Hardwood , Thanks for your answer. As i realised, a lot of the documentation for RT5.9 already exists in other languages but not in german. I was considering, to copy those pages and translate them into german, to complete the german part of rawpedia as a start.

Did i understand correctly, that your link tells me to ask for access here in this forum?

Edit: when registering, i get a php- error message:

Error sending mail:

Unknown error in PHP’s mail() function.

Congratulations to everyone for all the work done! It’s great to have a new version released!

Hopefully the new release gets all the attention it deserves and more people begin to work with Rawtherapee and FOSS in general.

The timing is very good, as Christmas is coming, and many photos will be taken and edited all over the world!

Thanks again to the Rawtherapee team!


Thank you for releasing this new version. I was wondering, will there also be builds optimized for more modern CPU architectures like Zen 3? I found one link in the Rawpedia download section pointing to builds from André Gauthier / gaaned92. It seems he used to build previous versions for several different architectures, but for 5.9 there is only a “Skylake” version for download. Any ideas?

Because I have to install from source (chromebook… it’s complicated…) and I simply do not understand git or its idiosyncracies I’m having to rely on the build-rawtherapee script to do the job - which it doesn’t because it hasn’t been changed from the dev stream. So it tells me there’s nothing to do and a string of instructions which I don’t understand…

Congratulations and thanks for your hard work!

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Solution : wipe the rawtherapee code folder…

Except now it has wiped all existing RT installs and hangs on compiling…

@OldNick the easiest way forward is to delete your cloned repo and start anew. Assuming you cloned RawTherapee to ~/programs/code-rawtherapee then:

  1. Delete the repo:
    rm -rv ~/programs/code-rawtherapee
  2. Clone the repo again:
    git clone "https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee.git" ~/programs/code-rawtherapee
    cd ~/programs/code-rawtherapee
  3. By default the repo is on the dev branch. If you want to build 5.9 instead then switch to that tag:
    git checkout 5.9
  4. To compile just run the script with the -b flag (it prevents the script from doing anything other than compiling):
    ~/programs/code-rawtherapee/tools/build-rawtherapee -b

It could take 2 minutes to compile, it could take 30 minutes. Depends on your hardware and compilation settings.

Do not abort the compilation process if you think it “hangs”. It’s not hanging, it’s just working in the background.

If you run into any more problems, please open a new topic so we don’t hijack this one, and make sure to paste a log of all your console commands, as well as the full compilation log if there are issues compiling.


i tried several devices, but cannot register:

how to proceed?

@patdavid could you take a look at @marter 's issue?

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I suspect that if @marter repeats his try by forcing http instead of https it may work. There is a similar issue for login.

@Thanatomanic good point, but this also didnt work…

Thank you very, very much!

Downloading the Windows version (RawTherapee_5.9_win64.zip) I realized that it’s magic:
The size is exactly 34243424 :wink: