Rawtherapee can read my .NEF but not Darktable for some photo.



I am using Manjaro KDE stable
I tried to open DSC_5311 in Rawtherapee and it recognize the file but not darktable. Thanks.
I tried install dt from AUR which is version 2.5.0+378~gf90faae33 while rt is 1:5.4-1
I start dt from terminal and open my image and it repport this:

[temperature] failed to read camera white balance information from DSC_5311.NEF'! [temperature]NIKON CORPORATION NIKON 1 J1’ color matrix not found for image
[temperature] failed to read camera white balance information from `DSC_5311.NEF’!

So what is missing? I check https://raw.pixls.us/?missing#repo and NIKON J1 is not report in the missing list. Thanks.
Some example below CC0 licence
DSC_5433.NEF (8.1 MB)

DSC_5311.NEF (8.3 MB)

DSC_5433.NEF (8.1 MB)

(Karl) #2

Looks like a known issue with Nikon lossy compression - https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/12209

Last activity was 19 days ago, so it looks like they’re working on it.


Thank you

(Eduardo Battaglia) #4

NEF support was broken some time ago, they are still working on it.
You can read this post: Raw Samples Wanted and contribute missing samples.

(Eduardo Battaglia) #5

A quick solution: convert them to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter on Wine.
Make sure you do a backup of your original NEF files