Rawtherapee can read my .NEF but not Darktable for some photo.

I am using Manjaro KDE stable
I tried to open DSC_5311 in Rawtherapee and it recognize the file but not darktable. Thanks.
I tried install dt from AUR which is version 2.5.0+378~gf90faae33 while rt is 1:5.4-1
I start dt from terminal and open my image and it repport this:

[temperature] failed to read camera white balance information from DSC_5311.NEF'! [temperature]NIKON CORPORATION NIKON 1 J1’ color matrix not found for image
[temperature] failed to read camera white balance information from `DSC_5311.NEF’!

So what is missing? I check https://raw.pixls.us/?missing#repo and NIKON J1 is not report in the missing list. Thanks.
Some example below CC0 licence
DSC_5433.NEF (8.1 MB)

DSC_5311.NEF (8.3 MB)

DSC_5433.NEF (8.1 MB)

Looks like a known issue with Nikon lossy compression - https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/12209

Last activity was 19 days ago, so it looks like they’re working on it.

Thank you

NEF support was broken some time ago, they are still working on it.
You can read this post: Raw Samples Wanted and contribute missing samples.

A quick solution: convert them to DNG using Adobe DNG Converter on Wine.
Make sure you do a backup of your original NEF files