RawTherapee can't find folders on desk top on Mac.

Tried different versions of raw therapee, but none can find folders on mac desk top. Went into system preferences to allow it to use folders, but raw therapee doesn’t show up, yet other applications do?

What version of macOS?


On my Mac RT crashes whenever I try to save an image (as soon as I hit the save icon). I posted more info and some crash reports and symbols in this thread

could someone take a look please?

I’m on High Sierra

I am wondering if it is related to the OP report


I’m on Mojave and I can’t even get RT5.7 to open! I’m really looking forward to a solution to the RT5.7 for Mac issue.

Please try this build: https://keybase.pub/kd6kxr/RawTherapee_OSX_10.9_64_5.7-135-g911cc85ff.zip

You may need to open RT from the command line in order for macOS to give it filesystem permission.

Hi, as already mentined in another thread, 5.7-135 is working for me on High Sierra. I observed that sometimes when I open it, it crashes but if I reopen immediately a second, and in occasions even a third time, it then works fine. It seems related, but I don’t have any proof, to the number of pictures you have in the default folder. I also allow time to the file browser to read all the files in the folder before opening one for development. I don’t have problems getting to folders on desktop.

Thanks, Mica. I tried that and it doesn’t work either. I just get a ‘quit suddenly’ message.

Did you launch it from the terminal?

Both from the icon and from the terminal.

Thanks, but it won’t even open.

Catalina has broken lots of software, of which RawTherapee is one. We don’t have a lot of macOS developers, so if anyone can help out, that’d be great.

I’m still using Mojave, Mica.

The terminal path to launch the executable is RawTherapee.app/Contents/MacOS/rawtherapee in case anyone hasn’t tried that. It launches the actual executable, instead of the standard double click on the app.

that doesn’t work for me on my mac. But open -a RawTherapee works. Now I have to figure out why the software only sees pictures in my ‘pictures’ folder - and nowhere else. There’s a standard tree type listing of my main drive, but nothing is shown in the browser of what is in any folder. ( Except the picture folder .) There’s no sub folders listed for my external hard drive. I have given RawTherapee permissions for Full Disk Access in the system preferences on my mac running Catalina 10.15.3. I have RawTherapee 5.8 on my 2012 27" mac. I think I saw somewhere where you said that the software should see pictures in the pictures folder and in “~”. Where is “~” located?

Did you try the build linked above, @Eddy?

If you mean this one: [https://keybase.pub/kd6kxr/RawTherapee_OSX_10.9_64_5.7-135-g911cc85ff.zip] Then no I didn’t try it only because the OSX_10.9 kinda made me think it was not for OSX Catalina which is 10.15.3. But I will give it a try and let you know, thanks.

10.9 is the oldest supported version.

Not knowing any better, when I enter the long address I end up on a site called key base. On the Keybase site it asks for a username and I put in your name paperdigits. It replies ’ Empty directory
Looks like paperdigits hasn’t put anything here yet.’ Another question - For this to work, do I have to revert back to Mavericks from Catalina?
Thanks for helping me out.

Grab a 5.8 build from here: https://keybase.pub/kd6kxr/