RawTherapee Wavelets

I have RawTherapee on W11.
In the advanced Tab is Wavelets. In the Contrast part, at bottom, is ‘Selective Luminance Range’, & further down is ‘Chroma’.
Both don’t work. Still. And a colleague using dev build says the same.
Anyone know why and if they will get fixed?? I’m writing here 'cos I just don’t know how to make a bug report.

What version are you using?

Wavelets Module in Mac Release and Dev Appears broken in dev and, for what it’s worth, the last release.


Thank you for reporting this bug, this proves at least one thing, it is that users are using “wavelets”

Indeed there is a malfunction for the “selective range” part.
I haven’t touched this code in several years. So probably an interaction with other code that uses wavelets - probably at the level of “Local adjustments”.
I’ll see what I can do.

Be patient, the code is complex…


I use wavelets in RawTherapee but only in the ‘Contrast By Detail Levels’ form under the second Tab.

At my old age, I find the GIMP’s Wavelets in layers form a lot easier to understand and use, sorry.

I use wavelets all the time (Arch Linux).

I found where the malfunction comes from. It’s just an oversight.
I check and make a pull-request

But you can hardly say that I’m a young kid :wink:


I just create a Pull-request

Exec wav_select

Funny thing, I find RT wavelets easier than DTs’ - and I’m 64!

If at all possible, I think there’s also a really epic thing happened in the Abstract Profile section of the dev build - that mid tone slider. That needs sticking in the public build asap if you ask me, and massive congrats to who put it in there…

Thanks. That’s a quick response.
Also thanx to all OS developers.

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Can a Mac build be done to fix this problem please?

Probably wise to wait for the fix to be merged first.


I have no way of producing a Mac version. The most likely solution is to wait until I “merge” this PR, then someone makes a Mac version.
I think the malfunction is corrected, to confirm.


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I just merge the pull-request in dev


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Thanks. I now have RT dev version, and the selective range is working. I guess I should be using the dev version all the time 'till 5.10 is updated. Ch.

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