Recreating Nik Viveza in Darktable

First post here and new to Darktable.

Is there a simple way to recreate something like Nik Viveza 2’s “warmth” setting in Darktable? I’m trying to use the “color balance” module, but can’t get the same result. Viveza’s warmth appears to be a combination of red and yellow.

Also, is there a way to mimic Viveza’s control point selections? I’m using a combination of drawn masks with parametric (luminance) masks, but it’s not got quite the same edge detection as Viveza.

Perhaps I’m approaching this the wrong way. I’m trying to create pools of warm sunlight in landscape shots.

@pulck Welcome to the forum! If you are new to dt, color balance is one of the more advanced and new modules. I don’t use dt, so take my advice with a grain of salt. On top of my mind, I can think of the white balance and color correction modules as places to start. Also see these two excellent video threads:

Editing moments with darktable
How to edit your photo using different modules


Hi, @pulck!

beside luminance, you can combine other channels by parametric mask and play with feathering radius:

In this way, you can even get better results than with Viveza control points! For example, in the case of clouds, Viveza’s algorithm also tries to take the texture into account, which sometimes leads to strange results.

The easiest way is to give us an example and we’ll see what can be done.

Ideally in the “Play Raw” category :smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Unfortunately, an external drive containing my latest photos decided to break down today. I’m trying to recover the files. As soon as I’ve (hopefully) got them back, I’ll try out these suggestions and also post an example image of the sort of thing I’m attempting.

That is a pity. Hope they are salvageable.There are a few threads on recovery if you need any pointers. :wink: