Red eyes removal tool?


Hello, someone can explain me step by step how to remove red eyes from an person or animal in a picture? Am new user and testing the program.

Thanks in advance and greetings from Belgium



I can’t find it on Rawtherapee 5.3 :frowning:

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@HIRAM is using a development build of RawTherapee.


Yes it is the so-called “newlocallab” branch build. It is a tool to localize certain adjustments.


Is it working in W10? Thanks for the help but still have to find the way, am coming from Lightroom :slight_smile:


Look into the link to the @gaaned92 builds for 64-bit windows. Newlocallab will be in there.


It should work for w10.

Welcome to the free world! Enjoy!

That being said, coming from anything commercial to RT is a quantum leap; there is a learning curve for each tool, and I commend you for being willing to jump into the fray. There are other ways to go about getting rid of the red eye, just pointing you to the tool I use most often.


Will try it, thanks @HIRAM for the help :wink: Any tip is welcome.


Yes, I use it on WIN10.


@HIRAM which link is the right one? I installed the first one an could not start the program anymore! Had a popup with runtime error, I installed again the official version 5.3 and it works again :wink:



The “newlocallab” one


Yeah, sorry if I was unclear. :sunglasses:


Thanks :wink:


Is there a pre-compiled Windows-version of RawTherapee newlocallab?

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Thank you!