Release of G'MIC

Hello there,
Pat David has kindly opened this sub-forum for me (and other G’MIC enthusiasts, I hope I won’t be alone here :slight_smile: ). So Thanks Pat, and let me start with a first post about a new release of G’MIC (numbered… I’ll mainly use the forum in replacement of the G’MIC discussion group on Flickr in the future.
I hope you’ll enjoy this release !

Download link for the GIMP plug-in :

New features:

  • [all] New command -shape_polygon which outputs a 2d polygonal binary mask with specified geometry.

  • [all] Added function date() into the math parser, to get info about the current local time.

  • [all] Embedded math parser now recognizes functions cbrt() (cubic root), hypot() (hypothenuse) and normN() (where N is an integer or inf).

  • [all] Added command -normlp to compute the pointwise Lp-norm of vector-valued images.

  • [gimp] New filter Artistic / Bokeh (recoded from scratch, it replaces the old filter having the same name). [backported].

  • [gimp] New filter Degradations / Rain & snow. [backported]

  • [gimp] New filter Rendering / Neon lightning. [backported].

  • [gimp] New filter Layers / Stroke. [backported].

  • [gimp] New filter Lights & shadows / Light leaks. [backported].

  • [gimp] New filter Degradations / Chromatic aberrations. [backported].

  • [gimp] New filter About / Search filters. [backported]

  • [gimp] New filter Arrays & tiles / Grid [triangular]. [backported]

  • [gimp] New filter Various / Intarsia that generates graph charts for crochet/knitting.

  • [gimp] New filter Colors / Channels to layers. [backported]

  • [gimp] New filter Colors / Selective desaturation. [backported]

  • [gimp] New filter Deformations / Drop water. [backported]

  • Most of these new filters have been integrated into ZArt too.


  • [all] Doubled the size of the hashcodes for reference commands and variables. Make command and variable lookup faster.
  • [all] Command -shift now perform linear interpolation in case of non-integer specified vector displacement.
  • [all] Improved the management of command shortcuts.
  • [all] Added additional checking to avoid image conflicts when running multiple threads with command -parallel.
  • [all] Command -sprites3d has been recoded and better manages alpha-channels for sprites.
  • [gimp] Previewed image has now a minimal size, so that having tiny preview images is not possible anymore.

  • [gimp] Language used for plug-in GUI is set to the one defined in GIMP preferences if any.
  • [gimp] Update files can now be manually copied into the .gmicrc/ folder directly in compressed format. It eases manual updates from the G’MIC server.
  • [gimp] Clicking on the Apply button now temporarily hides the plug-in dialog window during the filter computation. It avoids people trying to cancel the filter using the main dialog window (which was not possible anyway).

Bug fixes:

  • [all] Fixed command -med, used by many other command (like -std_noise). [backported].
  • [all] Fixed 3d rendering bug when using z-buffer and sprites with only a transparency mask.
  • [all] Fixed error messages (missing info) when verbosity was set to <0.
  • [all] In math parser, function fdate(), filenames with spaces are now allowed.
  • [all] Added threshold in Vanvliet smoothing to avoid out-of-bounds results with small variances.
  • [gimp] Avoid plug-in aborting when trying to set out-of-range opacity value for a layer.
  • [gimp] Avoid plug-in preview layer mask if selected. Now previews only ‘regular’ layers.

Great to see that the G’MIC thread will be here, from now on. Looking forward to the latest update for G’MIC, as always. And, for both G’MIC and PIXLS, " The more I use them, the more I use them." Not a great quote, but very true.

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Very good David, waiting for improvements and progress!

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Hooray, intarsia! I don’t know how many other fibre artists are hanging out here (in my case “artist” is an overstatement) so I’ll pipe up and say thanks for remembering us. In addition to knit/crochet, lots of media use graph charts: beading, embroidery, netting… also Legos and Post-it Notes! I am looking forward to seeing what develops.

The Intarsia filter is actually able to generate web pages with graph charts, like this one.

On your website I saw the democlip of ZArt for the first time, and immediately the idea of piping the generated stream into a projectionmapping software came into my mind.
Is this currently possible?
This would be so great :smile:

For Mac I have just added bundle to Up to a new git pre_release git built the latest built is a copy from the relase under

This release is built with optimization, still without parallel enabled!

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No idea what it would imply. What kind of inputs take projection mapping software ?

Hi David, me neither.

But if it has an outputsignal like a live stream without any gui, I think this could work with most of the softwares.
Some for example use syphon on macs (which I dont have) to get the signal from one programm in realtime into the other.

On VPT (a projectionmapping programm) there are some infos about their input needs.

(Page 32-34)

I hope this clumsy “explaining” helps a little to understand what I mean. But I am not that technical, so…

Really great would be to use Blender as projectionmapping tool, in combination with ZArt.
Thanks to the Blam add-on for Blender the mapping is possible. What it needs now is an input for footage which can be prozessed with Zart in/near realtime.

Very cool, and an inspiration as always. Liked the light leaks idea enough to add it to my little film emulator (which was of course inspired by gmic in the first place).

My implementation is different though, went procedural, basically a colored plasma that’s added to the image. Works better than expected. :smile:


This is similar to how I’d been doing it for a while as well. Some sort of plasma/turbulence tweaked and blended in. Not that I do it often but it’s been my go-to method as well for simulating that type of effect. :smile:

If I have the pre release #070215, do I need to download it again. Or will it be ok just by refreshing?

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Normally there are still last minute additions, so to download the release is recommended.