Welcome G'MIC


Welcome G'MIC

Moving G'MIC to a modern forum

Anyone who’s followed me for a while likely knows that I’m friends with G’MIC (GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing) creator David Tschumperlé. I was also able to release all of my film emulation presets on G’MIC for everyone to use with David’s help and we collaborated on a bunch of different fun processing filters for photographers in G’MIC (split details/wavelet decompose, freaky details, film emulation, mean/median averaging, and more).

![David Tschumperle beauty dish GMIC](upload://mYONJl8wzy1RNZNy6wVnrHEYhXY.jpeg)
David, by Me (at LGM2014)

It’s also David that helped me by writing a G’MIC script to mean average images for me when I started making my amalgamations (Thus moving me away from my previous method of using Imagemagick):

![Mad Max Fury Road Trailer 2 - Amalgamation|640x360](upload://71HxurtzsaBAUyExTNQNQxSDdwc.jpeg)
Mad Max Fury Road Trailer 2 - Amalgamation

So when the forums here on discuss.pixls.us were finally up and running, it only made sense to offer G’MIC its own part of the forums. They had previously been using a combination of Flickr groups and gimpchat.com. These are great forums, they were just a little cumbersome to use.

You can find the new G’MIC category here. Stop in and say hello!

I’ll also be porting over the tutorials and articles on work we’ve collaborated on soon (freaky details, film emulation).

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