Release of PhotoFlow 0.2.8

@Carmelo_DrRaw I have been having a hard time with the WB module. A while back it was using spot with the Lab working space, which you fixed :slight_smile:. Now, while there are no more crashes, I find the manipulation of values a mixed bag. Temp / tint adjustments appear to change only red and blue but not green, and I noticed that adjusting RGB values often mess up the temp / tint controls; i.e., adjustments in general are not reversible, or at least not easy to manage. Sometimes, values go out of range.

Resetting values is another pain point. Try resetting in different orders and see how the other sliders move. Personally, I would place one reset arrow next to the mode selection menu; i.e., if it is at CAMERA, then it should reset to CAMERA. Also, if I select CAMERA with the menu, all values should change to CAMERA setting, which it doesn’t appear to do. Maybe, it would be better if, when I start fiddling with the sliders or values, the mode changes to CUSTOM or there is an asterisk next to the mode name to indicate a deviation from the preset.

Update: This is still annoying the heck out of me. The problem is that the wb preset selection menu doesn’t properly reset the custom wb values when a preset is selected. And clicking on the reset buttons don’t always reset properly, so I have to click on all the buttons several times. At the moment, the workaround that I have come up with is open another window of the raw file and compare values.

Very commonly I’ll use Rec.2020 with the linear gamma TRC as the PhotoFlow working space. When the image is transferred to GIMP via the plug-in - and probably also when saved to disk and later opened with GIMP - the profile description in GIMP doesn’t include the TRC - just says “Rec2020-elle-V4.icc”. I’m guessing this affects all the PhotoFlow-embedded profiles, except for profiles selected from disk?

For PhotoFlow-generated ICC profiles, could the profile TRC be included in the profile description?

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Hi Elle,
yes, this can be done easily.