Release of PhotoFlow 0.2.8

The issue with the photoflow filter plug-in not returning the modified image to GIMP is now fixed. Please download the latest AppImage either from the community built software page or directly from github.

Please let me know if you encounter any further issues.

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Thanks @Carmelo_DrRaw . I confirm it now works on my machine. Thanks a lot.

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How does the perspective correction tool work? I don’t know how to commit the correction after positioning the control points.

When the perspective correction layer is selected, the image is not distorted and the control points are shown. As soon as you select a different layer, the control points are hidden and the distorted image is shown.

This is the same logic as the crop tool… I agree this is perfectible, and I have ideas how to improve the interface for next version, but this is how it currently works.

Please let me know if the above doesn’t work for you…

@Carmelo_DrRaw It works as you said. Not very obvious though. I also tried reading your website but back then the tool had a pencil icon to commit the control points. Something new: PF crashes when I activate the crop tool and then click the 1:1 button. Take a look at the log.txt (33.8 KB).

I have ideas to go back to having a pencil icon, as well as keyboard shortcuts to enable/disable the tool editing mode. That’s something for next release…

Did this happen at the very beginning, or did you already had a crop region selected at a different zoom level?

  1. Open raw file. (Zoom @ Fit image to preview area.)
  2. Introduce crop layer.
  3. Draw crop.
  4. Change zoom to 1:1.
  5. :scream:

Crashes also happen as I zoom all the way out or in. Not sure if the starting zoom level has an effect. I also haven’t taken note of which zoom levels it crashes at and whether this behavior is random, relative or consistent. Having to relaunch PF every time is getting on my nerves :blush:.

I just found a bug in the way some of the guiding lines were drawn… not sure if this is the issue that is causing the crash in your case, but definitely something that needed to be corrected.

I committed the fix and updated packages should be available soon. Could you remind me which system you are running and from where you are getting the photoflow packages?


I am using on Win7. I remember typing that but may have overwritten it in my previous posts :blush:. Yes, the guidelines needed a fix. Thanks.

I’ll provide an updated win package tomorrow morning European time.

Additional Remarks

A. Perspective correction could benefit from an option to remove the black edges (i.e., an auto-crop).

B. Thanks for fulfilling my request for a window icon. It looks nice. Photo Flow is one word, right? It would be nice to see the version number in the title; e.g., PhotoFlow 0.2.8.


C. I hope that there will eventually be an icon for the exe as well. As you can see, the icon is currently an unidentifiable window icon.


My workaround is still the same: I generate an ico from the png and attach it to a shortcut of PF; but I have to do this every time I update.

Not a fan of Photoflow workflow, but that is because of inexperience. I do love that you are working on this project. How is the Krita plugin going?

True, although this will require some work…

I have to see how this is defined under windows… no idea yet.

Concerning the problems with the crop tool, you can find an updated version here. Could you please confirm if the update really fixes the crashes?


Unfortunately, the problem still persists. I will do what I can to help. Just give me some instructions.

I have been finally able to produce a crash under wine, and found indeed another place where the pixel addressing in the crop module was wrong, which I fixed. Hopefully this is the same problem you observed, and this new version will fix the crashes for you as well.

Please give the new version a try. If you still observe crashes in the crop module (or any other crash by the way), you can try to run photoflow.exe through the gdb.exe debugger that can be found in the same bin folder, and send me the stack backtrace.

The RawTherapee documentation has a very nice description of how to use gdb under Windows and how to generate a stack backtrace of a crash. Adapting the instructions to photoflow should be rather easy, but do not hesitate to ask for help in case something is not clear. The photoflow package I am shipping already contains debugging symbols, so you do not need to download a special version in order to run gdb.


It works now without any crashes. Next observation. This is a minor aesthetic issue: whenever I zoom in or out, the image redraw isn’t very elegant. E.g.,

Zoom in transition

Indeed, the transition phase when zooming in/out is sometimes a bit weird, but that’s actually not a bug and as far as I can tell it is not causing any crashes. This will most likely be improved in the future, but with a low priority compared to other necessary improvements.

Thanks for the quick confirmation of the fix!

I have significantly modified and re-written the part of code that deals with real-time freehand drawing on the preview canvas.

The updated packages can be found, as usual, here:

Could you please try again the drawing tool, and see if it is more stable now?


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This works really well now. It is more responsive and easier to use. Thanks.

Only issue I got was if I tried to tick the ‘transparent’ box to see what difference it made, the program crashed.

Crop tool issues and suggestions


  1. When the width or height is 1 and the zoom is less than 1:1, the image isn’t darkened. At first glance, it is as if the crop hasn’t been activated yet. And I cannot draw a new box either. The only way to locate and/or resize the existing box is to adjust its parameter values.

  2. When I drag the bottom right corner, I am able to move the corner beyond the edges of the image. The only way to find the edge(s) again is to adjust its parameter values. Previously, I have had cases where the box is larger than the image on all sides. So far, I haven’t been able to replicate this in


  1. Problem (1) stems from the fact that box creation must start with the top left corner. If I move from right to left and/or upward, this creates a box with 1 on one or both dimensions. The user should have the freedom to start drawing from any corner.

  2. The bottom right corner handle should be constrained by the edges of the image, as the other handles are. If you like, it could be a feature to crop outside the image, as long as the user still sees the box outline and the outside edge is filled with a black border.

  3. The user should be able to easily cancel the current box, perhaps with a secondary mouse click or esc. At least, that was my instinctive action when encountering these problems.

  4. It would be nice if the crop grid type could be user configurable; e.g., golden ratio, thirds and fourths; cross or diagonal even — endless possibilities :slight_smile:.