Removing the background color without chroma key (Luma matte/alpha)


I installed Natron yesterday. I have a sample (

How to remove a green color using luma matte (without a chroma key) and add another background (image).

I tried but it does not help, my video and background are transparency…

Any tips? Tutorials?

If the B&W image is just an RGB (no alpha), merge your “Jet” over the Sky and run your BW matte into the “Mask” input on the merge. Set the mask to the red channel and it should work.

Also, see my video here for help with transparency

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I painted a happy face as my matte and used that to cut out the color bars from my checkerboard. Hope that helps

Thanks. I’ll try.

PS. Can you send me a “happy face” project?

I did it bro. Thanks.

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