Replicating Fujifilm JPG colors from raw files?

No, I just said the wrong thing. Since the styles are married to sigmoid anyway, I don’t think it makes much of a difference which one we use. (right?)

Thanks for the answer. Well, regarding the difference between RGB and not RGB curve, I have no idea if it’s a big deal.
Again, thanks for making the styles available.

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@denis :pray: :pray:

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I experimented some more with those tone curve/color lookup table styles. I think they work better if you put tone curve into linked RGB mode. This seems to prevent the shadows from going overly dark.

At any rate, I’m quite happy with the styles.

In the process of learning their use, I have rediscovered the tone curve as a tool for image editing in general, which I somehow had lost sight of after the tone equalizer was announced. Very useful indeed.

Regarding the original topic of the post, I found a video in which someone uses an utility to create a camera profile for Darktable from an existing picture. Maybe this could do the trick for you, creating the camera profiles for every film simulation and then use them.
Hope it helps.

That has just recently been repaired…it was broken for some time… I think after v 3.6 maybe … the fix may also have come after the release of 4.2 I will have to check but it is working now…

It has been mentioned many times here on the forum and is more recently documented quite nicely here…


Ya just last week so it would have to be compiled and run from the master branch to work at the moment…

I am running the latest git version on Manjaro/Arch/XFCE. When I start dt-chart from the terminal and import a .pfm target file nothing is displayed … but no crash now!

Are you using the LAB color space?? I will try on my end on a Win machine

This may be my problem … I do not see a place to set LAB color space

Off the cuff its a setting in your config files… tablerc search for text allow LAB… I think its set by default to false… set to true.

Now you will have an option in your output profile to do so in LAB…that is what is needed…

I can confirm it works…


I just used a raw NEF file as it was a nice shot. I think from the post about correctly saving a reference image…

I put pickers on the tonal patches… This is how I would open the image and how I processed it… Legacy WB and none for workflow…

Its cool or towards blue as shot…

The style against test chart data so basically color corrections does a nice job…note how it nicely results in a balance from white to black…Tone curve was neutral so it was basically all from the CLUT module

NEF.dtstyle (4.5 KB)

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DSCF5240.RAF.xmp (12.4 KB)

When it comes to match colors from OOC jpeg i find it useful the color lookup table module.
I think i got almost a pretty good match.


so does XT-* use some kind of LUT internally?

No, it is much more complicated than a LUT, but its a black box.

i am sure it is not just LUT and curves but still it probably is quite simple computationally wise.

What makes you say that?

Because the processing power on cameras is quite limited, but i might be wrong.

Yes, but the processor is tuned for image processing, it doesn’t use the same type of processor as your computer.

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It’s weird because I’ve never been a huge fan of Fuji’s colours (and I’m a long-time Fuji shooter). I’m certainly in the minority, though; some people consider them sublime (I know I’m not colour blind, so maybe I just don’t have a soul :laughing:).

Do you mean colour rendition in general or specific film simulations? Because there’s a world of difference between all the different film simulations with regard to colour. I find Velvia too gaudy, but I love Classic Neg for it’s combination of warm and cold tones, for example.

If you mean colour rendition in general, then I would probably say you’re in the minority, yes, because colour is one of the most praised aspects of Fuji’s ecosystem. But your opinion is the only thing that’s important to you and your enjoyment of photography. What do you shoot?

The colour rendition in general.

Maybe I just can’t appreciate how good they are because I’ve never used anything different? Maybe, if someone gave me a different camera, I’d be saying “Oh my good Aunt Betty! These colours are awful! Gimme my Fuji back!”

Maybe I just can’t see it until it’s pointed out? Maybe it’s just not so important to me? (I shoot street and documentary photography). No idea. Maybe (and most likely) I’m just plain weird.