Request to filter developers

(G'MIC staff) #1

Hello there,
This message is addressed to developers of G’MIC filters, @garagecoder, @Iain, @samj, @grosgood, @rich2005, @Jerome_Boulanger, @Joan_Rake1, @KaRo, @Souphead and others I may forget :slight_smile:

It would cool, when you write a new filter for G’MIC, that you also write a small paragraph about it in the current “On the Road to 2.3.X” post , eventually including a screenshot of the filter running or ‘before/after’ images, and credits for the filter.

So that I could add the paragraph directly in the Changelog. Your cool contributions should be more visible, for instance, being included when I write an article about the latest G’MIC news, as I do every 6 months or so.

What do you think about the idea ?

EDIT : Maybe I was not really clear, but I think your filters really deserve more exposure ! When I’ll have some time, I’ll explore a little bit more the Testing / category, and move some of the cool filters there directly in the main filter tree.

(dumb) #2

Cool, I’ll make sure to put some info about three of my filters there when I update them.


I suppose it makes sense as an added incentive to make them more useable. It’s very tempting to just throw something into testing and forget about it!

I still find it hard to know what’s actually useful to others though, much of the time I create filters for the fun of creating them :slight_smile:

(David B Kettrey ) #4

Garagecoder, you have come up with several important image enhancement and restoration filters along with the “fun” ones that you have contributed to GMIC. In many cases, your Auto Balance filter is very unique and, IMO, fairly advanced in restoring image color and tone, especially in “RGB” and “Linear RGB” modes. And in nearly all cases, I keep “Balance sRGB” checked. Additionally, I’ve found that your Normalize Brightness filter does a fine job in certain cases of recovering a dark image’s natural illumination AND in balancing its color when sRGB is selected as the Channel and “Absolute brightness” is checked.
Your Anti alias, Compression blur, JPEG smooth, and Unquantize [JPEG smooth] tools are also in my Faves toolbox.

Thank you much!

Favourite filters
Favourite filters

G’MIC prides itself with the number of filters available. I must admit that I don’t know what each one does exactly1, so I have been reluctant or don’t have the time to try most of them. I tend to write one-off commands that are probably much less powerful than what is already available. Or maybe they are very good but I forget what they are and to share it.

1 Part of making filters more accessible might be to add short descriptions and usage notes to the actual filter itself.