rt and color/tone correction

Hi all. I came across this video by accident https://youtu.be/-uIUARP5JW4?si=R-jynrYiMqwibtJw&t=235 And I found out that there are wheels in rt)
But that guy “superblogger” somehow manages to do everything interesting. When he goes to the local corrections tab, he already has a “card up his sleeve” - color/tone correction. I searched and searched, but did not find anything similar in my version of rt.

Writing to the author of the video is like writing a letter to the White House, for sure. Youtube though.
Maybe someone knows where the instrument he demonstrated was moved?

The video is using ART not RT. Maybe that explains the differences…

That’s it…
Thank you.

No. I like rt better. comparing art with rt is like comparing sigma with nikon/canon/etc glass)
It’s a pity there are no wheels in rt. Sometimes tinting doesn’t hurt.

There is color toning in RT. It may not be the same as ART (don’t really know since I haven’t messed around with it much) but you might be able to do similar things with it.

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In RT 5.10 there is the Selective Editing tab. In there you can create spots to select specific areas and then add multiple tools for each area. Among the tools are the following color related:

Color & Light
Vibrance and Warm/Cool
Color appearance
Common color mask

To start with Selective Editing I found videos by Andy Astbury quite helpful:



PS Гоша Куценко рулит :slight_smile:

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:slightly_smiling_face: By the way, in these “local adjustments” I never found a section with lab curves) There, the names of the sections are arranged in a slightly different discipline than on the tabs themselves, outside the local corrections tool.

Это не Гоша Куценко :grinning: Но ! рулит, да))

Not very convenient, to be honest. On the circle you make one movement (and more precisely, you could do it with the hsl sliders below), and with the rgb sliders there are as many as three. And the problem here is not so much a matter of convenience or inconvenience. When a point moves, the human brain analyzes the option and it is easier for him (and this is very important) to understand where to move such a point.
Technically, if it’s difficult to create such a tool, then it’s understandable. No problem. The program is already tearing others to shreds, as if for breakfast.

If you open the Color & Light tool in Advanced mode and scroll down you will find the following:


You will find the Selective Editing (Local Adjustments) documentation here: Local Adjustments - RawPedia

I tried for a long time to understand what is so similar to tinting circles)) - I give up:
I see there only the same tools as in the Exposure tab - tone, curve, hh, hs, hl etc.

But it’s not scary. The tinting can be completed in Adobe Camera Raw.

I simply answered your question regarding Lab curves in local adjustments

If you are looking for more information about color toning in RawTherapee then this may help. About color correction regions

What a fool I am… woe is me, woe is me. In the same place, when toning, you can select the lab grid mode. Without any local corrections. Shadows and light(((
Well, this is the finish line. You can’t do that (to yourself).
The question is closed.
Here’s how to ask questions now…
Yes, there were three days of filming. I’m lying - 4. 2400 frames the first day. the second 900, the third 900 and yesterday 2400. And I (nosebleed, but haven’t set foot in the acr/lightroom). Otherwise I won’t learn.

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