Rt & Mac OS Big Sur

Hello everyone, someone installed RT on Mac with s.o. Big Sur? There is any problems? I would like to buy a new Mac because what I have is abandoning me …


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This forum’s search function could have led you here: Test of RawTherapee on MacOS 11.1 Big Sur

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Hello @carlos1960,

I use official RT v5.8 on Big Sur (MacBook Intel) without any issue (same for RT v5.9 dev). I have also read some people comments saying RT v5.8 runs fine on M1 models through Rosetta.

I wonder if someone can help me… I’m on M1 Macmini running Big Sur and downloaded RT 5.8 - I can’t get rawtherapee to see any of my image files from the File Browser tab. If I open in Gimp then the image does load in RT through the plugin but not from the RT software itself. I have already given rawtherapee full disk access in system preferences. Anyone know what I can do???

First, where did you get your RT 5.8 installer from?

@HIRAM 's native M1 build works fine on my Mac mini M1: RawTherapee-dev Apple M1 𝛽-test

I downloaded it from the RT website. If I download the M1 build should I remove the cache from the previous installation?


Try keeping the cache first, then if you encounter issues, delete it.

Yup! that worked great! Thanks!!

Any idea when the arm MacOS version will be out of beta?

Development is going slowly at the moment, so you’ll likely be using a development build or a community provided build for quite a bit.