RT not working on Mac OS Big Sur

I’ve been using RT on a PC and thought I would also put it on a Mac running Big Sur. I downloaded the 64-bit Mac OS program from RT’s home page and installed it in the Applications folder. The program opens, although the name at the top left of the menu bar is RawTherapee_bin, but the file browser doesn’t work. If I click on the twistee of, say, the Desktop folder, or double-click on it, nothing happens so I can’t even get to any images.

From the limited items I was able to search, others have had success with RT and Big Sur. RT’s website has some special instructions for Catalina having to do with authorizing the program to open files, but not for Big Sur. In any case, I haven’t been able to get to the step of opening a file.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.

There are quite a few threads on this already, please use the forums search function and check it out.

As indicated, I did search and couldn’t find a solution. Threads like this:
Test of RawTherapee on MacOS 11.1 Big Sur
don’t seem to address my particular issue and have too much jargon that I’m not familiar with. So maybe you can point me to a useful reference as all the RT website says is to download and install in the Applications folder.

The FAQ definitely still applies. Hopefully that helps.
Currently I’m working on dependency building for the development series. Since the pandemic, my responsibilities at home have taken most of my time, but now that there is more work I’ve had more time recently to get RT more compatible with Big Sur and Monterey.