RunScript in Natron

EDIT: There are working RunScript examples in the Natron-Tests github repository. RunScript is not supported on Windows.

I do not attain to do that it work

Hello @bazza, I don’t think that node is supposed to work like that. The idea is a good one, of having a node that outputs text as an input for node that receives text.

Check the details available on the RunScript node here:

The documentation isn’t very detailed on how you could use for such a purpose, if it is at all possible.

I wished an image like input and ouput. I only probe also text

I did not understand the examples. It is something like this?:


convert rose: “[Project]/scriptoutput00001.png”

The script should be

convert rose: "$1"

and the parameter 1 in runscript should be a filename like [Project]/scriptoutput#####.png.

If you get it and think of a better way to explain it in the doc, please propose a better doc!

Please by that when translating it did not understand it.

don’t work :’(

Natron version 2.3.10 Release.



The image sometimes copies , but does not appear in screen.
Is a image of 32bits 1920 x 1080

Please readthedocs:
You have to put a Read node after runscript to read back [Project]/scriptoutput#####.png

This results me very dificult, I’m sorry :frowning:

take a look at the file name parameter of your RunScript. [Project]/ appears twice

I repair and do not attain that it walk. (3,6 KB)

see Natron-Tests/TestRunScript at master · NatronGitHub/Natron-Tests · GitHub (I edited the first message in this thread)

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Now I see that it works very different to as I thought it. :blush:

Mixing synfig with natron: